View Full Version : Hmmm, would like to try this one night.

Thursday, 27th January 2005, 17:18

Howdy all,

Just read the above link, and had this strange desire to see our squad of 15 all using the bolt driver to PWN BFR's.

If what they are saying is true, we could keep all enemy BFR's away from our bases by just having 11 "BFR" snipers and 4 "cover" snipers.

THink it might be time to start up a new alt for this. Just need the bolt driver, and some ammo. No need to screw up our main characters for a test like this. Anyway, what do you think?


Thursday, 27th January 2005, 17:23
Id be well up for it mate, Sniper cert is my favourite cert other than infi..

Although I have no plans for such a cert at the moment, doesnt fit in with playstyle!!

One Armed Scissor
Thursday, 27th January 2005, 17:44
if only my view distance was long enough to snipe lol