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Saturday, 29th January 2005, 19:28
Long list of changes (http://psforums.station.sony.com/ps/board/message?board.id=release&message.id=47#M47)

Sunday, 30th January 2005, 18:47
Merit Commendations are currently on the live servers. Check out the full list In Game.


*The ANT can now be deployed from inside the vehicle.
*The ANT will be able to restore a neutral, unhacked facility.
*ANTs will no longer undeploy if a neutral facility it is refilling is hacked by another empire.
*Destroyed ANTs will no longer be able to continue refilling the NTU Silo.

*The VS BFR laser will have damage degradation.
*The VS BFR Laser weapon changed to 175m range.
*Corrected issue leading to the VS BFR's Laser's not displaying past 70m range
*Corrected an issue where the Flight variant capacitor recharge rate was different when walking versus flying
*Changed the BFR shield "flash" display to not play continuously at some damage levels.
*Slightly adjusted Medium Battle Tank damage vs. BFR's
*Slightly increased BFR Pilot AV weapons against non BFR vehicles.
*Reduced the max range of the TR BFR Chaingun weapon to 250 and slightly increased the effect of damage degradation over range.
*Increased Flight BFR crouched regen rate to fill shields from full down to full up in 1 minute.
*Changed BFR acquisition to 5 cavern captures and 100 kills while in the caves.

Other Vehicles
*Set the fury and all assault buggies to allow the driver to bail, regardless of speed. Other ATVs already had this property (exception: switchblade - can't bail from ancient tech).
*The Galaxy can now carry the Switchblade.
*When viewing the map, it will now show Commanders what edit mode they are in.


*The Thunderer is back on the statistics window.
*Statistics for terminals, generators and spawn tubes will update properly.

*Hitting ZOOM and ESC multiple times while using the Range Magnifier implant will no longer cause stamina to drain forever.
*Implants and Implant icons will update and activate reliably at all times. Previously, there were some circumstances that would not allow this.
*Corrected an issue that would allow players to enter an enemy sanctuary.
*The Infiltration Suit no longer appears visible after exiting a Switchblade, *Ancient Sentry Turret, Flail or Router.
*Keymappings will no longer change when a new patch is downloaded
*The map legend no longer shows a monolith icon for the LLU.
*Previously, when a player having 120 health was revived, they would return with only 100 hit points. This issue is fixed.
*The Skyguard's steering wheel no longer rotates along the wrong axis.
*Afterburn will no longer cause flight vehicles to appear to move erratically when seen by other players.
*Corrected an issue that could cause weapons fire after repairing vehicle.
*The Vanguard 20mm Sound effect will no longer continue even when the gunner is firing shells.
*The Striker will no longer circle around turrets when fired at them in tracking mode.
*Unhacked IFF Locks will no longer open for enemies.
*Vehicles will no longer deconstruct when parked under the air vehicle pads
*Fixed an issue that would cause the NTU Silo to appear orange when it is filled.
*Fixed several crash to desktop issues.
*Fixed an issue where deployables could be placed directly next to each other.

Sunday, 30th January 2005, 18:54
Merit Commendations:

*Empire Defense: Earned for the total number of enemies, of any type, that you have destroyed.
*Air Combat Ace: Earned for Destroying combat aircraft (Liberator, Mosquito, Reaver) while piloting a combat aircraft yourself.
*Air Defender: Earned for destroying enemies using Anti Aircraft weaponry.
*Anti Vehicular: Earned for destroying enemies using weapons from the Anti Vehicular certification.
*Bomabardier: Earned for destroying enemies as a Liberator Bombardier.
*Boomer: Earned for destroying enemies using Boomers.
*Cavalry Pilot: Earned for destroying enemies using a Reaver or a Mosquito.
*Cavalry Driver: Earned for the number of kills your gunner scores while you are driving.
*Combat Engineer: Earned for destroying enemies using Combat Engineering deployables.
*Grenadier: Earned for destroying enemies using hand grenades or a Thumper.
*Ground Gunner: Earned for destroying enemies as the gunner of a ground vehicle.
*Heavy Assault: Earned for destroying enemies using Heavy Assault weaponry.
*Knife Combat: Earned for destroying enemies with nothing more than your trusty blade.
*MAX Operator: Earned for destroying enemies using an AI or AV MAX.
*Medium Assault: Earned for destroying enemies using Medium Assault weaponry.
*Phalanx: Earned for destroying enemies using a Phalanx turret.
*Scavengers: Earned for destroying enemies while you are using enemy weaponry.
*Sniper: Earned for destroying enemies using a Bolt Driver.
*Special Assault: Earned for destroying enemies using Special Assault weaponry.
*Standard Assault: Earned for destroying enemies using Standard Assault weaponry.
*Supply Blockade: Earned for destroying enemy supply vehicles (ANT, AMS, Lodestar)
*Tank Buster: Destroyed for destroying enemy tanks and Lightnings.
*Transport Blockade: Earned for destroying enemy transports (Sunderer, Galaxy, Deliverer and Variants)


Infantry Combination Awards:

*Light Infantry: Obtain both the Standard Assault 1 and Medium Assault 1 Merits.
*Heavy Infantry: Obtain the Anti Vehicular, Heavy Assault, Special Assault and Sniping Merits.
*Infantry Expert: 3 ranks of awards for those that achieve all of the infantry merits.


Kill/Count Rules:

*For a kill to count toward a Commendation, it must be a unique kill. Unique kills are defined as an enemy who has been alive at least 30 seconds, and whom you have not killed in the last 20 minutes.

*From in game you can view all of the awards by going to the Character Info screen (default is "O"), clicking on the Achievements tab and then clicking on the Award Progress button. Below is a listing of the various commendation groups