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Monday, 7th February 2005, 18:55
Go to the capital city of Darnassus. Located west of your starting location. Just stay on the road all the way. When there head to the center of the city. In the center of the city is the bank. It's a tree with a shop set up inside of it. Drop off ALL of your gear into the bank. Once that is done head behind the bank and you'll see a big tree with a purple light surrounding it. Walk into the light and get transported to Rut'therin Village. From there go to the Hippogriff trainer. He's located at the top of the catwalks. Get a ride from him to Auberdine. Once there head to the docks and look for the sign that says Menethil and take the ship from that dock. That will bring you to Menethil. Once in Menethil talk to the Griffon trainer there to get a new flightpath. Trust me, you'll be glad you do this. Now once that's done run outside of menethil and get yourself killed. I know, sounds crazy but it'll save you a bit of a walk. There should be plenty of gators right outside the gate so you should be able to die quickly. Once you die you'll spawn at the graveyard which is located in the middle of the wetlands. Bascially you just saved yourself 15 minutes of walking. Talk to the spirit guide and respawn. Now follow the road east and avoid ALL creatures. Expect to die at least once while doing this last run. It's ok, it's gonna happen. That's why you deposited all your gear in the bank. Just run back to your corpse ressurect and keep heading East. Soon you'll hit a series of tunnels. Becareful of these because more often than not you'll have either Horde NPC's or Horde players hiding out on the other side of the tunnels. Once through the tunnels or you recieve the "Entered Loch Modan" system message get yourself killed again. You'll spawn at the Loch Modan graveyard speak with the spirit guide again and respawn there. Find the Griffon trainer in this small town (called Thelsamar) and get the flight path here as well. Once that's done follow the path south into the valley of kings. When you're in here take a right off of the main trail which will lead into South Pass. Run through here into Dun Morogh. Once in Dun Morogh get yourself killed again and you'll spawn and speak with the next spirit guide. You are now in Kharrano's. This is where you'll be centered at until you hit 11 or 12. Not far from here is Ironforge (the dwarven capital). It's just north, follow the road, and take the second right (it goes up a slope). Make sure to get the flight path from the Griffon trainer here (he's located in the center of the city to the right of the great forge. Now if you wanna get back to NE lands it's only a griffon and a boat ride away. Congratulations. You just made the trek in 20 minutes. If you need or want to go to the human lands instead for your beginning levels just take the tram from Ironforge (marked on your map) and that'll bring you to Stormwind which is the humans capital. From a Hunter's Guide (http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/guides.html?guide=317).

Monday, 7th February 2005, 22:51
not something I'd use, I like teledrasil better then icy dwarf lands.

Monday, 7th February 2005, 23:24

Capitol city of the Vanu???

I cannot stand the pink and purple!!!