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Thursday, 10th February 2005, 16:46
Sorry to be such a n00b and ask such a n00bish question but ...

When you are in melee combat does it make any difference moving about or do you just stand there and slug it out ??
When i first started playing in beta i jumped about and tryed to run behind my oponent, when i got to lvl 10 and i got my pet (playing hunter) i didn't do as much meleeing so never got to see if it made a differnce ???

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 17:07
it appeared to me that if you move a bit backwards at the right moment the enemy loses a swing.

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 17:09
Against mobs it makes no difference. As long as you're in range, they're going to hit you wether you're bouncing around or just standing there.

In groups it's probably even a bad thing to do; you're making it harder for other people to target the mob as well as yourself.

In PvP it does matter to some extend, mainly against spells ... most spells require that the caster look directly at the target at the moment the spell finishes casting - so if you can manage to get behind a caster as he finishes a spell, it will fail and he'll have to start over.

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 18:13
Sorry just though of another N00b question when we are in a group taking on say one beast which one does the beast attack the nearest or the one dealing of the most damage ??

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 18:17
It depends who builds up the most threat/hate with the mob. A warrior won't deal a great amount of damage, but he has certain abilities to improve his threat level so that the monster will keep attacking him and not the fragile casters. However if a priest constantly heals the warrior the mob is going to attack the priest sooner or later because he's the bigger threat for him.

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 18:20
they attack the one who has the most aggro.

the first hit counts most (to avoid that monsters run from one enemy to the other every 2 seconds).
more damage = more aggro
heal spells generate aggro as well
some spells decrease the amount of aggro you have (priest fade for example) while other increase aggro (e.g. warrior taunt)

good aggro management is one of the most important and most difficult things in pve.

Thursday, 10th February 2005, 19:02
As the others said:
Understanding what makes the mob pick their targets, and trying to get it to pick the right target (i.e., the guy in heavy plate armor with a shield) is one of the most important aspects of group tactics.
Doesn't sound too complicated, but when you're in say the Sunken Temple and run into one of those groups with 1 high level elite, 3 mid level elites and 6 mid level normal mobs ... well, if you can't control the aggro, then your healer is dead meat and the rest of the group will be worn down soon enough. Which is what makes it interesting :)

Most classes have some sort of skills or talents to help them manage aggro. Warriors have talents that increase their "hate output", as well as skills such as "taunt" that has no other purpose than to piss of the mobs they use it on :) - while priests have talents to decrease "hate output" and the "fade" skill which discourages enemies from attacking them.