View Full Version : Standing Orders Regarding Cont Defense

Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 14:17
WoW has eaten into our numbers pretty badly, so I would appreciate some standing orders for when there is nobody about to lead the outfit. Essentially what I want to know is, should we prioritise continental defense or do our own thing? Personally I would prefer it if our default priority was continental defence but whether it is or isn't I would still like it set it stone either way.

Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 15:01
I think thats more up to the peps actualy online, what they want to do and what they are capable of actualy getting done.

Also if you want "standing orders" or whatever you want to call it you need squad leaders to enforce em and if a squad leader is online I think its better to focus on haveing fun and teamplay.

If anything you could say "If a RL squad leader isnt online or no one is leading. How about trying to lead youreself and get some exp as SL."

Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 16:56
:o as jojo said (I can't agree im agreeing with that guy again, im doing it all the time these days ^_^)

I really think that fun should be prioritised, and not order when so few people are on. Just do what you wanna do, and chill out :)

Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 17:54
Fun should be the #1 priority m8 :)