View Full Version : I thought I was insane...

Monday, 21st February 2005, 12:21
... for playing so much.

First euro level 60:

Second euro level 60:

Monday, 21st February 2005, 13:55
The 1st one is french ( :D ) but he seems to have no life and that's really sad for him :(

Monday, 21st February 2005, 18:15
Ehm.....it's like AzK :p

edit: 100 posts woot :D

Monday, 21st February 2005, 18:23
Ehm.....it's like AzK :p

edit: 100 posts woot :D

me too, 100 posts with this one :p

Monday, 21st February 2005, 22:19
And here's me just got 15 today

Tuesday, 22nd February 2005, 07:11
I havenīt even reach 15 yet :)
(Highest i got in Final-Beta was a lvl.17 Troll Mage)
But im allso playing diff. chars all the time hehehe...
And on 2 servers(PvP/Deathwing when i wont wait in line to play,and some Real Life friends play there.They didnt like the waiting on Silvermoon)
But lvl.60 in so few days is Insane IMO!!
Cant see the fun in that!
I for one,like to explore the World and i just love wandering around(i know!not much XP in that,but its a thrill)and im testing/deleting a lot of new chars :rolleyes: