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Wednesday, 23rd February 2005, 01:31
We all know that RL numbers are low, we need more active players.

I propose that rather than use the "never formalised cos they were too complicated rules" that we recruit more actively.

NO broadcasts of any sort though, just when we do get randoms in the squad, and we need to invite them more often, that we simply get a quick idea of them and decide on the spot whether to ask them if they are interested?

I'd suggest opening the recruitment forum up, maybe have a post with simple rules in it, like:

1, must be able to use teamspeak, at least to hear, preferably to talk also.

2, be active in the NC, (we have some guys who play other empires and are great, but we mustn't be someones playgroup)

3, get on with the other guys and work as a team.

Your comments please (and some may have noticed that we'ver really being doing this on a small scale for a while now)

Wednesday, 23rd February 2005, 10:58
I wish I had more time lately, but RL is definitley interferring with my GL (game life). That being said, I also feel as though I've let everyone down a bit as I'm not able to "lead" as much as I would like to.

As far as the thread goes, I wouldn't be against "quick" invites, but lengthy trials. We need players, but we don't need idiots or immature players.

I'll be posting a new thread here in a second about Eliminator, I don't think it will help with Recruitment, but then again -- It might.


PS: And yes, as one of the people who tried to help create the Recruitment Policy, I see it as a miserable failure. And for that, I apologize.

Wednesday, 23rd February 2005, 15:06
I don't have time to spend on PS either atm, I wish I could :(

Anyway, from my personal view I like your ideas very much Echor. I think its just what we need. Fair and simple rules. And if we recruit an asshole, its very simple. He either leaves himself cause he doesnt fit our playstyle or he/she get kicked ;)

I also think the key is to invite random players to the squad. Try to use chat functions a bit, after an hour or so ask them if they got TS.

Now, I'm not sure how is the status atm but to keep the group together, Mossies would be handy ;)

Wednesday, 23rd February 2005, 18:59
Recruit them.
If they proof to be wankers we gonna kick them straight away.
Fresh blood is really needed.