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Saturday, 8th January 2005, 18:46
How do people feel about in-character names? Meaning, that if your usual nick is not appropriate for a character in a fantasy world, you chose another more appropriate name.

Personally, I hate seeing orcs named 'KillBot' and priests called 'Medic'. I'd never call a character Shinigami (unless we were playing a samurai rpg maybe ;) ) The names I've used in CB are Shinae and Shini, while the first is appropriate for a NE, the second I won't use in retail :)

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 19:00
Even though i can enjoy a bit of roleplay i think names as Shinigami (or my own f.e.) shouldnt prove to be a problem.. I agree tho that seeing ppl run around with names as ImWithStupid and Darthvader and Sheep is annoying but to make rules to prevent it in RL? doubt it's gonna work..

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 19:01
Nyana and Chicane look cool, I've used Chicane for over 6 years now and Nyana for 2 years. I've been using Sniper Wolf before in Tribes :D Metal Gear Solid for teh w1n!

I don't like gay gothic nicks, I hate the music and lifestyle that is associated with it :)

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 19:02

LOL awwww come on, we punished him enough now for his bad name and race choice :D

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 19:39
no clan tag for me in wow, same goes to my forum nick. i've never named my chars after my forum name. i didn't do that in any rpg, it's just silly. we'll have to learn each others names but that's a small problem to me.

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 20:23
Flufball is my name fullstop. I shall not be changing it.

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 20:42
Even tho I've found out that Jega is the name of some shite UK trance/techno artist and apparently a city/region in Nigeria, I'm still gonna use it as my online nick.

When I first came up with it 4-5 years ago, I didn't know any of the above (curse google for all the information), so I thought it was a very unique name. It apparently still is because I have never really played any game where it was already taken.

In regards to names in WoW I trust Blizzard to weed out those annoying and inappropiate (sp?) names.
In RL I have no problems with people calling themselves silly names, as long as it ain't against the naming policies of the games we're playing.

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 22:32
Il keep JojoTheSlayer.

Easier for everyone to see who I am... Changing online name in one or two games isnt a problem, but when it starts to become 6-10 it starts to be hard to remember who you youre self is lett alone other peps to remember you :)

Saturday, 8th January 2005, 22:42
sticking with Visionaire. Might make a Sinnerman alt like in PS. I like the name and no one else seems to be using it. (only disadvantage is all the french people sending me inquisitive tells all the time... no, im not french -plz stop it :) )

Paradine Hawk
Sunday, 9th January 2005, 10:35
Paradine Hawk :cool:

Sunday, 9th January 2005, 10:36
/t Visionaire Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? ;)

Sunday, 9th January 2005, 12:51
Anytime Shini, anytime

Sunday, 9th January 2005, 13:19
I try to keep something around cat so people can see rather easily.