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Monday, 14th March 2005, 15:36
The purpose of this thread is for everyone to post a list of items that they need that ...
- drop from mobs
- cannot be farmed with tradeskills
- (other people tend to vendor anyways)

Such as small flame sacks, light feathers etc.
I.e., if you're a miner, please don't post that you need mithril bars =)

Monday, 14th March 2005, 15:38
Drop items I can use:
- [light feather] for the priest levitate spell
- [sharp claw] for rage potions
- [large fang] for greater rage potions
- [volatile rum] for goblin rocket fuel

Something to add:
If anyone finds mail or plate (preferably the latter) with high +intellect (coupled with spirit, stamina or str), then it might be usefull for either me or Iron. Testing out the "healerdin"

Monday, 14th March 2005, 15:44
Atm all i need is Sharp Claw and Large Fang. Happily COD the items if required or can trade some pots :D

Monday, 14th March 2005, 17:10
Untill I got my Elemental LW Quest done i can use:
- Core of Earth
- Breath of Wind
- Heart of Fire
- Globe of Water

Besides above list i can always use:
- Elemental Air
- Elemental Fire
- Elemental Earth
- Elemental Water
- Essence of Fire
- Essence of Water
- Essence of Earth
- Essence of Air
(Basicly anything that has to do with the 4 elements :D)

- Deeprock Salt
- Any Elemental LW Patterns

Yes im a demanding whore lol :D But i lub you all ;)

Monday, 14th March 2005, 18:23
Light feather and large fang

Monday, 14th March 2005, 18:29
I can use :

BS / Armorsmith plans
gems (except Malachite, Shadowgem, Tigerseye)
ore & stones

Monday, 14th March 2005, 18:35
Can I just generally say:

Any relatively low level (13-20) weapons/armour/items, especially shields and one handed swords.

Monday, 14th March 2005, 19:26
Well apart from sex...

Any Green or higher items

Monday, 14th March 2005, 19:48
Hm, funny, I haven't experienced any sex-drops in the game yet. Must be in higher level areas :rolleyes:

Monday, 14th March 2005, 21:16
the good sex drops are in the high instances - go to low level areas for some cheap ones

Monday, 14th March 2005, 21:38
Untill I got my Elemental LW Quest done i can use:
- Core of Earth
- Breath of Wind
- Heart of Fire
- Globe of Water

Besides above list i can always use:
- Elemental Air
- Elemental Fire
- Elemental Earth
- Elemental Water
- Essence of Fire
- Essence of Water
- Essence of Earth
- Essence of Air
(Basicly anything that has to do with the 4 elements :D)

- Deeprock Salt
- Any Elemental LW Patterns

Yes im a demanding whore lol :D But i lub you all ;)

Greedy Baastard.

I just need:
- Core of Earth
- Breath of Wind

And even though Niko said otherwise. If you find some Gold, Mithril, Truesilver or Thorium bars/ore just send them to me. :D

And of course all the plans you find. Especially if they require weaponsmith.

Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 02:36
To make the Green Lens' Madcat can disenchant I need:

[Heart of the Wild]
[Thick Leather]

For some various engineering things:

[Heart of Fire]
[Essense of undeath]

Any engineering schematics above lvl 200, especially:
[Sniper Scope] (+7 damage) <- Shini wants me to get this...

Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 19:04
For now i can use :


Rugged Leather

both to level my tailoring and make decent bags

Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 19:08
Here's my item list.

1. World of Warcraft
2. World of Warcraft
3. World of Warcraft

Wednesday, 16th March 2005, 09:29
Looks like we all need something now tell me how many ppl have gotten any of the things they need :p

Monday, 21st March 2005, 04:38
Any "... of the Monkey" Mail Armour lvl 40+ (agility & stamina) :D

Even better: mail armour with good bonuses in every class as hunters are the only class to really benefit from high values in all 5 stats :(


Agi affects ranged weapon damage and 50% of melee weapon damage
Sta is needed for survivability once the Rapid Fire spell has got the instance bosses attention :)
Int is needed for a large mana pool to keep the highest possible dps going
Str affects the other 50% of melee damage
Spi is needed to quickly regen health & mana after getting the aggro of said instance boss ;)

Otherwise, Deeprock salt. Spider's Silk and Wildvine... most of the other stuff comes from skinning...

Monday, 21st March 2005, 09:24
I'll need 2 x Heart of Fire for the final step of the Armorsmith quest :)

Monday, 21st March 2005, 13:36
I know it aint exactly a drop item... but my rogue, Tapja, needs all the Swiftthistle he can get for thistle tea :)

Sunday, 27th March 2005, 11:33
Update on my "I could use" list

200+ alchemy recipes
Large fang
Light feather
any herbs above kingsblood level
1 more largekapsack or so :) (12 slot)

Monday, 28th March 2005, 08:26
Essence of Water
Essence of Air
Essence of Earth
Living Essence

Thats all, scrap the list above :)

Monday, 28th March 2005, 23:52
posting for Korp -

Korp NEEDS high level enchant recipes - 250+
would welcome th occasional drop/crafted item too - pref above lvl 41

also would like help now and again to get to enchanter trainer who they kindly stuck inside an instance :)

and... minor whine... ppl in guild get th free enchants - so... pls more ppl feel free to help out now and again :)

and yep I'm biased... he's my bf/partner :)

Sunday, 3rd April 2005, 15:21
I wouldnt mind having alot of iron, and most of all the ingridients for Truesilver Champion (mostly Truesilver)

Monday, 4th April 2005, 13:47
i need any spare Elemental Earth please

Tuesday, 5th April 2005, 08:36
I got shitloads in my bank of that karkus mate, just wisper me ingame and ill sort you out on that :)

Friday, 8th April 2005, 09:34
Atm I could use any plate armor (helmet, hands, waist, wrist) lvl 50+ of the Eagle or of the Gorilla.
thx :)

Friday, 8th April 2005, 11:58
If someone finds some plate armor named Hyperion <armor piece> of the Eagle, then let me know as I am looking for those.

I'm also looking for some plans. :) But only highend ones (260+ in bs-skill) and since I'm going to be a Hammersmith I'd love to get my hands on some plans for that. :D

If you have some:
Breath of Wind
Core of Earth
Black Pearls
Truesilver Bars
I'd love to help you get rid of those. ;)

I can also create some:
Steel Weapon Chains makes you immune to Disarm
Mithril Spurs makes you ride faster
Iron Shield Spike Mobs take damage when hitting you
Mithril Shield Spike -- // -- (Requires Truesilver bars=not cheap :D)

So send me an in-game mail and I'll get right back to you.

Friday, 8th April 2005, 13:04
faith needs - WILDVINE (lol at gettin any ;-))
also Long Elegant Feathers
tailor patterns 270 - 300
ofc mageweave/runecloth/felcloth etc too... like every tailor in guild heheheh

*can also make mooncloth now - but not ready to make own items yet.. so...if any1 needs to farm some work out..... :)

Honey - (ALT!) - so note lesser/zero priority :) would appreciate any 220+ lw recipes :)

Sunday, 10th April 2005, 10:13
things i would like ,

ironfeathers - lots (winterspring owls + more)
larval acid - lots (drops off carrion grubs + devourers in e.plaguelands)
any dragonscale's other skinners dont need/use

Monday, 11th April 2005, 11:08
Times change, needs change...
Being a proud Elemental Leatherworker now (and not high enough level to farm the better drop places), I happen to need the following:

250+ Leatherworking Patterns (except for Volcanic Leggings and Living Shoulders)
Heart of Fire
Core of Earth
Essence of Water
Essence of Air

And I think that about covers it for now... Heart of Fire/Core of Earth being the main priority for now, I want that Helm of Fire made :)

Tuesday, 12th April 2005, 07:31
i need higher (260+) Alchemy recipes please send a tell if you have drops
i always have lots of herbs on me so ask if you need

Wednesday, 13th April 2005, 23:23

heart of the wild
elemental fire

cheers :P

Thursday, 14th April 2005, 09:14
Well if any of you leatherworkers/blacksmiths want, I can make Enchanted Leater/enchanted thorium bars ... all I need is:

Enchanted Leather:
1 Rugged Leather
3 Dream Dust <I get this off level 41-50 armor pieces and some jewelry pieces>

Enchanted Thorium Bar:
1 Thorium Bar
3 Dream Dust <I get this off level 41-50 armor pieces and some jewelry pieces>

I can also make Crusader enchant for any of you tanks/meleers wanting it, however its expensive! I need 4 Large Brilliant Shards and 2 righteous Orbs for 1 enchant :-) however to get these large Brilliant Shards I need to disenchant high level blue items I think levels range from 40-60 I havent found any pattern yet for those, but I know that Engineers can make Green Lenses which disenchant for them if that helps anyone who would want it. I have some stocked up atm but not enough for the whole guild :p
Its a proc that has a large chance of healing the user for some low amount that doesnt matter and increasing his dmg for 100 for 15 secs when it goes off! so its very good.

The orbs? you gotta go get those yourself lol ... its from Stratholme, the Scarlet part of the instance!

Thursday, 21st April 2005, 07:15
I could use Stonescaled Eel :)

Monday, 25th April 2005, 00:17
Well the only thing i need is....
Everything but the pants from the shadowcraft set :p

And tons of thorium... :cool:

Monday, 25th April 2005, 18:59
Only thing i need at the Moment is
The Big Iron Fishing Pole :D
Been farming AH for a while now!!
Think ill go hunt it down in Desolace sooner before later!!
But if any of you have it! and are willing to sell it!
I might buy it ;)


Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 16:59
im looking for...
Core of Earth
Breath of Wind
any other nice BS patterns 240 - 250 atm

Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 17:24

mooncloth patterns (other than robe - bought that one already)
golden pearl
the odd bit of felcloth be nice too.....
i can dream :p

more realistically.... long elegant feathers pls :)

Tuesday, 3rd May 2005, 21:57
I choud need Runeclouth (random drom by humanoids) if any got spares I whoud love to have some


Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 09:25
Currently, if someone runs across the items like Hyperion <armor piece> of the Bear and doesn't need to use those pieces himself/herself, then I would very much like to get those pieces, if possible. I don't need the breastplate as I have it, but other pieces would be welcome, if someone gets some extra :D

Friday, 13th May 2005, 09:51
I could use 1 Essence of Fire :)

Friday, 13th May 2005, 10:00
I could use 1 Essence of Fire :)


Friday, 13th May 2005, 10:56
Hi guys i could any spare thorium to level my armorsmithing (at 280 at the moment). willing to pay reasonable prices although i know this is in general demand too.

any 250+ blacksmithing / armorcrafting recipes / books would be very gratefully received. Also need the top halves of the advanced armorsmithing volumes 1 and 3, have got the other volumes already.

and the much in demand and scarce pristine black diamond :( for my epic horsy :(

Also need 10 :( brilliant chromatic scales for the breastplate of the chromatic flight, (have got the carapace :))

Friday, 13th May 2005, 11:43
I'll just add a few items that I need as well. :D

Lots of Thorium bars/ore.
Breath of Wind.
and most importantly 1 Prestine Black Diamond. (I've done all the other stuff needed for my epic mount and that damn Diamond won't drop, grrrrrr :mad:

Friday, 13th May 2005, 11:45
Thanks for the essence Tapja. !
I also need a Pristine Black Diamond, seen 1 dropping but lost the roll to Zhizo :)

Friday, 20th May 2005, 05:21
i need 24 more black dragon scales
thnx in advance

Sunday, 12th June 2005, 10:14
truefaith Vestments pattern =)

Truefaith Vestments (http://www.thottbot.com/?i=36988)

Sunday, 12th June 2005, 13:43
where 2 begin there is so much

Cod me anny vendor junk for i need it for enchanthing and same goes for herbs

also i look for Armorsmithing plans and Thorium shield and mithril shield addons
also im looking for 6 more parts of Valor and a better 1hand sword

the names of other items i need i dont know but anny think above 40dps 1h sword or axe is welcome with a decent speed

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 10:40
3x Living Essence :rolleyes:

Almost there for making Epic priesty cloak :D

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 12:05
Needed: 1 x Pristine Black Diamond.

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 12:11
3x Living Essence :rolleyes:

Almost there for making Epic priesty cloak :D

These are easily farmed in the eastern part of Dire Maul. Did this with a friend of mine, i think 5-6 droped during the trip. Whole thing took 2 hours, but if you go just for the essences you can do it half that, maybe even less. :)

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 12:13
Oh, and I need 9 essence of fire. Or some tips on where to farm these. Where drop-rate is above 0.01% ? :(

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 12:18
I think I've some spare Living Essence in my bank, I can mail you some. :)

Wednesday, 15th June 2005, 12:45
Topar: The volcano in Un'goro crater has loads of fire elementals.

Alternatively, solo Firelords ;)