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Monday, 21st March 2005, 10:24
This is very hard to explain, so please, bare with me.

If you ever look at the action button after you click on it, you will see that there is a little "cooldown" clockwise wipe. For example, if you use your hearthstone, and you look at it, you will see that part of it is darker and it is slowly changing, sorta like a clock. If you don't know what I mean, then go take a look!

This is the problem: it seems that now, no matter if I relog or restart computer, this bug (which I will tell you about in a sec) is not going anywhere.

When I click an action (concussive shot for example) there is that cool 360 clockwise wipe as I explained above. The only problem, is that this wipe takes up full screen! So, when I click to fire, my screen goes dark, and has a wipe thing. Very annoying. There is even that star/light thing that happens when the action has reloaded, and again, it's full screen.

The worst, however is when using the hearthstone... After I use it, it's cooldown period is full screen (ie, it takes 45m for the darkness of my screen to dissapear fully).

This is pissing me off...


thank you :)

(oh, and I'm running WoW on a mac... i know.. don't say it :P)

Monday, 21st March 2005, 11:00
Tried a Omega drivers/video drivers cleanup?

Monday, 21st March 2005, 11:03
I seen to remember some settings in the game called full screen glow or something. Try to look at that, not sure that it's that though.

Monday, 21st March 2005, 12:09
nyana - running on a mac - don't have drivers such as that
ironman - ill have a look

is it possible that a UI plugin is doing it?


i've messed around with some settings and right now, it seems to dissapear if I make the UI smaller...

Monday, 21st March 2005, 12:09
Have you tried disabling all UI mods?

Make sure you backup up your saved variables first:

x:\<path_to>\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account_name>\SavedVariables.lua

Or you will loose all your saved UI mod settings like Map Notes

Monday, 21st March 2005, 17:35