View Full Version : HEYA !

Thursday, 31st March 2005, 23:36
Lo m8s ! sorry if i havnt been active writing in our sight, but i have had a really huge lag problem lately.. been trying to fix it for some time now, The thing is my latency is really high atm. anyone who had same troubles pls help me fix it. :confused:

Friday, 1st April 2005, 10:01
i got no idea mate, sorry, mine has been running great lately

Friday, 1st April 2005, 14:11
Can't help m8, my connection seems ok atm and i just got a free upgrade to 1mb lline. Try check Tech support on the WoW forums, GL with it though.

Friday, 1st April 2005, 19:53
well i managed to fix it last night.. lots of stress though :P but still..