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Thursday, 7th April 2005, 10:08
To save me and the other enchanters getting asked what various enchantments we can do, i will post the main ones i do here. also other enchanters are welcome to post there list of useful enchantments

Stat buffs:
+5 str or Agi to gloves
+5 stam to shield
+5 stam to boots
+5 Int To bracers
+3 Resistances to all on Cloak

Wep Buffs:
+3 dmg 1h/2h
Lesser Beastslayer

they are the main ones i use currently.

i am mainly using ones in my lvl range to increase my Enchanting, if you need something simpler then try another enchanter, i know we have a few lower level ones and it helps them to level

on the other hand i think Korp has some better Enchantments than me, so hopefully he will list the main ones he uses to level up.

that way if we all stick to our top level enchantments, then all of us will be leveling up.

in regards to payment or lack thereof, i dont mind doing stat buffs for free, but weapon enchanting is a expensive buisness, we are not asking for much, just the odd green or blue item or a tip of a couple of gold is not much to ask for a 10g enchantment

lastly, Enchanters need different types and levels of green items, At the moment, i could use weapons and armor lvl 40 and above

so if all the other enchanters in the guild could post something similar ie: list ot enchants ur currently doing, what lvl and type of items u need..

Thursday, 7th April 2005, 14:42
The highlights Randor has are:

+3 stam / spi on bracers (I can do the stam a lot :))
+3 spi on 2h
+25 health on chest
+25 on cloak

Minor Beastslayer (+2 vs Beasts)
Minor Impact (+2 on 2)

Should be good for mid range players. Green items lvl 15-35 are what I need at the moment...

I am after any enchantment recipes up to 150 :)

Friday, 8th April 2005, 12:53
*sighs* well i thought it was a good idea lol

any other enchanters want to post? i know we have quite a few now

Saturday, 9th April 2005, 12:10
yeah it is a good idea karkus especially when im able to see what people are able to do from it and what items /level range they need, ill probably start to look at getting a few enchants done on items im likely to be keeping for more than 1 day :P

things i could probably use would be

+agility on anything

and i use scopes for the bow :)

Saturday, 9th April 2005, 15:36
Hi Korp here

+7 Stam bracer
+7 Str bracer
+7 damage 2hand
+4 Damage 1hand
70 AF cloak
+3 all stats on chest

Need blue items lvl 41 to 60 and a few purple would be nice too =)))
so send me all your uber rare items and i give a +1 int to bracer for free.


Sunday, 10th April 2005, 12:13
Hia Soulmate here

I for now have 100 in enchanting Now quide sure what the things i can enchant on top of my head :) I think i need items of lvl 30-45 ish

Have a nice one

Soulmate lvl 25 mage Enchanter/tailor

Thursday, 21st April 2005, 14:54
Can anyone enchant thorium? I need 1 enchanted thorium bar for one quest.

Also, can anyone add +100 HP to armor chest piece? Where else can HP/STA be added (besides chest, boots, shield and bracers)?

Monday, 25th April 2005, 16:01
i can now do +100 hp to chest
+7 dmg 2h
+4 dmg 1h
+7 Agi to gloves

and a few others i cant remember, just msg me in game and i will tell u what i need

Monday, 2nd May 2005, 10:35
Just browsing a bit here...
If I'm looking for:
int/mana (whichever gives the most points)
+fire res

What can you guys do, and what kind of stuff do you need for it?