View Full Version : Put me on Inactiv.

Monday, 10th January 2005, 12:19
Well not 100% true, but here goes.

As much as it paines me to say this I have to ask that my chars PS
Flyby and
be put on inactiv.
This is because I have, a while back during the BFR account protest, canceld my PS account and since am gonna try WoW a bit am not gonna resub whit the first.

The thing that dosent make my inactivety in PS 100% true is that am still gonna play PS from time to time, but not as "Jojo"... My avatars that is, so no am not a skitso :D

My name and my friends name is Ondys ( Hes already in Renegade Legion ). I will use hes account from time to time for as long as he has it or I resub PS.

So cya ingame, be it PS or WoW...
WoW mite take a while since 64k on 2,5 gig download takes a while ;)

Monday, 10th January 2005, 12:36
Where is it you live again? And how far have you gotten on your DL?
I could be arsed to send you a dvd cd with the installer on.. but might just take longer than the dl :\

Monday, 10th January 2005, 12:37
2.4 gb on a 64k o_O

Good luck, see you in february ;)

Monday, 10th January 2005, 12:54
Thx for the offer Daymare m8, but after 12 houres and only 100mb downloaded I called a freind and sendt him the downloader program so hes downloading it for me now :)

Monday, 10th January 2005, 14:08
I tought you nordic vikings had pretty fast connections. :confused:

Wednesday, 19th January 2005, 23:20
Just bumping this thread again since I havent been putt on Inactiv...

I will still be seeing ya guyes from time to time whit a friends account, char Ondys.