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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    I'll be playing for sure, though won't be raiding in all likelihood.

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    Re: Improving forums, Discord, TS

    And you forgot the battle.net group thing. If I look at classic release it might be wise to settle on one place to make a decision, for instance on what

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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    I have grabbed my name on Firemaw, which is currently at "Medium" population. If we are jumping ship then it would need to be done now so everyone

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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    Given the potential for massive queues on Golemagg, there's been some discussion on Discord about going on Firemaw instead. If you've not used all of

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    Re: Classes?

    I'm going back to my warrior roots xD. Was planning on playing druid as I've been doing the last couple of months, then I realized i'd rather have a proper

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