• Wildstar to shut down on Novembver 28

    To the surprise of few, it's been announced that Wildstar Online -- a former Renegade Legion community game -- will shut down on 28 November 2018. It's a game I only played briefly at release, it had a great aesthetic and the telegraphed fight mechanics no doubt inspiring other games. Its also something that felt like it was out of time, bringing back some of the 'features' World of Warcraft had perhaps rightly left behind... 40 man raids for example. How did you find it?
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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    I'll be playing for sure, though won't be raiding in all likelihood.

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    Re: Improving forums, Discord, TS

    And you forgot the battle.net group thing. If I look at classic release it might be wise to settle on one place to make a decision, for instance on what

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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    I have grabbed my name on Firemaw, which is currently at "Medium" population. If we are jumping ship then it would need to be done now so everyone

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    Re: WoW classic guild?

    Given the potential for massive queues on Golemagg, there's been some discussion on Discord about going on Firemaw instead. If you've not used all of

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    Re: Classes?

    I'm going back to my warrior roots xD. Was planning on playing druid as I've been doing the last couple of months, then I realized i'd rather have a proper

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