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    by Published on Monday, 3rd September 2018 08:30
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    The Pyrus Project

    Almost four years ago, Vay Hek launched an unprecedented attack on our Relays. We defeated his Fomorians, but not before three of our Relays were destroyed.
    by Published on Saturday, 1st September 2018 13:36
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    The developers behind World of Warcraft tell the story of its history, from the original beta to today.

    For 14 years, World of Warcraft has remained not only active, but relevant. It didn't define the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre, but it continues to evolve with the genre. World of Warcraft has sold millions of copies, made billions of dollars, and won hundreds of awards. With the release of its seventh expansion Battle for Azeroth, WoW still boasts a thriving fanbase.

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    by Published on Wednesday, 29th May 2013 01:09
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    Humble Bundle 8 is now available, get it before its gone.

    Games humbly bundled:

    • Awesomenauts
    • Capsized*
    • Dear Esther
    • Hotline Miami*
    • Little
    by Published on Monday, 10th December 2012 19:38
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    The painful road for veterans

    With Planetside 2 launched now, it's fair to say that the road towards release has been a hell of a ride. And that's not only because it was preceded by a real beta that saw player feedback causing drastic changes to the game play. All along the way, there has also been major discussion within Planetside 1 veterans who feel that their beloved game has been dumbed down into oblivion. This article addresses the future of Planetside 2 and why Eve Online is the key for these disappointed veterans to stop worrying. Read more...

    by Published on Wednesday, 19th September 2012 15:18
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    The Renegade Legion (hereafter referred to as RL) is an online gaming community, originally founded in 2003 as an outfit in PlanetSide by Shy and b00n. We have since spread into other online games including World of Warcraft and Everquest II.

    Our Aim
    Our aim is to have as much fun as possible! We have an active forum where we exchange all sorts of ideas and trivia, as well as help each other out with anything we can, be that about hardware or games in general.

    We also believe that it is not just about taking part; it is also about winning!

    The Legion
    RL is divided into several sections, each forming an autonomous group operating in a single game. Each game section is led by appointed people, usually referred to as officers, who have earned their positions by showing that they are both level headed and fair.

    General rules
    As a community we expect our members to be team-orientated, able to take orders and criticism as necessary and behave at all times with a mature attitude.

    Teamspeak is used extensively as we strongly believe it helps to be able to hear what is being planned as well as on-the-fly, urgent communications and we encourage everyone to at least listen in even if they can't talk. Some games may require full use.

    Team killing is not acceptable in many games and where considered inappropriate will not be tolerated. Likewise any remarks of an offensive, sexist or racial manner; online gaming is a multicultural community, please bear that in mind.
    Our forums are a little more tolerant, but please read the applicable rules: Forum rules

    Full members of one game may want to join in with another game that we play; this is encouraged, but not a given right! Internal applicants will have to abide by the rules set by officers of whichever game they wish to join. Where no such rules have been set or perhaps aren't needed, anyone is free to swap from game to game providing it doesn't disrupt actual gameplay.

    New members will undergo a trial period of indeterminate length, ending when the officers for that game decide the applicant is both capable and that they fit in/join in well.

    Cheating is not allowed. Cheats will be shot. If not dead, cheats will be shot again. No cheating...
    by Published on Saturday, 15th September 2012 16:35
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    Obsidian has launched a new Kickstarter - Project Eternity

    Obsidian Entertainment and our legendary game designers Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, and Josh Sawyer are excited to bring you a new role-playing game for the PC. Project Eternity (working title) pays homage to the great Infinity Engine games of years past:

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