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  1. Poll: Re: Obligatory are you coming back for Shadowlands poll?

    Late response, but I'll probably return and at least check things out. Maybe casual raiding, but nothing serious enough to rile Dave up too much.
    If anyone wants a Priest who can't decide whether to...
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    Poll: Re: Renegade Legion Party #12 - 28th of July 2018

    I'll be there, but I have to pay for some motorcycle parts before I can pay for the party. Will pay in good time however, not to worry =)
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    Re: Nighthold tacs (normal/hc)

    I don't use google, can you post it on forums so I can use the "I don't read forums" excuse? Also, Cone of Shame on Mest please.
    In as much seriousness as I can summon on a friday, nice tacs doc. I...
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