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    Default How to play golf

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    My daughter’s PGA instructor had her doing half swings with an 8 iron the other day to have here improve her clubface awareness. She wanted to see the toe pointed at the sky when the club was parallel to the ground on the backswing and in the same position when the club was parallel to the ground on the follow through. She quickly straightened her shots out after doing this drill for 10 minutes.

    I also think many golfers beat balls with a full swing on the range and don’t practice with purpose. I learned long ago that hitting more that 10 drivers in a row on the range does nothing to help my swing and it often throws my tempo off. I average maybe 2 driver shots for every 100 range balls. I once read a driver drill to do is to start in the impact position and hold it there for a few, then release into your follow-thru. Set up to the ball and have your body positioned how it should be at impact - hips turned 45 degrees, straight front arm, club face square, etc etc. It, in theory, is supposed to train your body to feel what it's like to be in the correct impact position.

    When I struggle with the driver, it's also with hooks like you. I focused on turning my hips to prevent it, which led to "pushing" or "sliding" my hips instead of turning, which led to a push/slice much like what you're going through. To fix it, I did nothing with the driver in practice but focus solely on swing sequence and my hips. Really focus on the turn and make sure you aren't pushing/sliding them instead. Not saying I hit every fairway by any means. If I did I'd be a lot better than my 13 hcp! But I've gained a lot more accuracy with this new focus, and even bad shots have gotten better ("hooks" turned more into playable "draws" and that kind of thing).

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