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Thread: TF2 Server Info

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    Default TF2 Server Info

    Renegade Legion currently has a 24 man server Renegade Legion - Say no to

    You can add this to your favourites in game as most of us play here, its currently running hlstatsx, metamod and sourcemod with hlstats plugin / sm ads / rtv/ mapchooser

    Current Map Rotation
    cp_gravelpit 45mins
    cp_granary 30mins
    cp_badlands 30mins
    cp_dustbowl 45mins
    tc_hydro 30mins
    cp_well 30mins
    pl_goldrush 45mins

    Hlstatsx is a stats collection program that records information such as kills/deaths and a rankings system for individual players on all servers running the official version (which this server is)

    metamod and sourcemod allow plugins to be added to the game, using the source hlstatsx plugin, statistics gathered from hlstatsx are able to be broadcast in-game, rank/kills/deaths/top10 on the server etc

    A list of all the ingame commands for hlstats are as follows

    Available Ingame Commands

    * hlx_menu = HLstatsX Ingame Menu
    * rank [skill, points, place (to all)] = Current position
    * kpd [kdratio, kdeath (to all)] = Total player statistics
    * session [session_data (to all)] = Current session statistics
    * next = Players ahead in the ranking.
    * hlx_auto clear|start|end|kill command = Auto-Command on specific event (on death, roundstart, roundend)
    * hlx_display 0|1 = Enable or disable displaying console events.
    * hlx_chat 0|1 = Enable or disable the displaying of global chat events (if enabled).
    * load = Statistics from all servers
    * status = Current server status
    * servers = List of all participating servers
    * top20 [top5, top10] = Top-Players
    * clans = Clan ranking
    * cheaters = Banned players from Valve-Anti-Cheat
    * statsme = Statistic summary
    * weapons [weapon] = Weapons usage
    * accuracy = Weapons accuracy
    * targets [target] = Targets hit positions
    * kills [kill, player_kills] = Kill statistics (5 or more kills)
    * actions [action] = Server actions summary
    * help [cmd, cmds, commands] = Help screen
    * Note: The commands in the brackets are the optional ones, except for the public commands.
    * Note: If all commands are available depends on the configuration of the HLstatsX account. - some do not work!

    Rock the vote was recently enabled allowing users to force a map change if enough players agree (using rtv in chat) this will then give 4 alternate maps to pick from including all custom maps on the server.

    Map Chooser has recently been fixed for tf2 - should bring up a vote for the next map after 2 rounds have ended or there is 15 mins left in the map - currently points to the standard map rotation for its source of maps.

    If you wish to contribute to the upkeep of the server this can be done via paypal and directly adds funds to the server accounts when the renewal is due, click me to donate

    As far as the steam community group anyone currently in the group can invite, so if you want to join grab someone who is on TS to add you to the group.
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    mweh ive always disliked beetlesmod... its never been stable... mani admin mod is much better..

    as for stats stuff like hlstatsx you might want to be careful because it does have a profound effect on servers.. changing the way alot of people play so they can point whore and get better stats.. this is all from prior experience when dougal, me and others had our own CSS server...

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    Added my 2 cents

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    Up your mother


    ive chucked in a couple of bucks, nice server.
    "All right my lads, now we know Lacrobat is in the building and hes got the princess. Dennis grab the grappling irons, Desmond grab the heavy duty grenades, Duncan grab the landmines and Desmond put your fucking tiara on straight"

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    Donated, great server, great community.

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    added a high ping kicker to the list of addons - currently set to 200, and ofc re-enabled melee sudden death although its still a bit buggy and open to abuse - hoping this will get fixed properly this time. let me know if these cause any issues.

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    Burnzzing ur facez :P


    Ahhhhh, not sudden death! Why would you do such a thing to good people Pariah? :P
    Pyro, Engineer, Scout.

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    its melee sudden death - it makes maps like hydro fractionally more worthwile playing as no matter what some area will be captured after a round - instead of stalemate stalemate map change.

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    Now all you need is a mod that stops the server emptying at around half ten.
    I blame Moose!

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