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Thread: Internal Application Form - Raiding

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    Arrow Internal Application Form - Raiding

    As you know, we have opened up recruitment on the forums for WOTLK raiding. At this time, and really at any time you want to, any current guild member who has not ever raided with us can make an internal application to join our raiding team. Please use the following template for your application and feel free to add any additional information you feel we should know.

    Please delete the text in brackets when you apply, its simply there to help you understand the questions!!

    Character Information:
    Character Name:
    Class & Race:
    Desired Raiding Talent Spec:
    Required: Armory Profile link: (A link to your current raid gear)

    System Information:
    Connection Type: (What kind of connection do you have? Is it reliable?)
    TeamSpeak: (Do you have TeamSpeak installed?)
    Microphone: (Do you have a microphone and do you use it?)

    WoW Experience:
    PvE: (What is your previous PvE experience? TBC and pre-TBC)

    Encounter and class knowledge:
    Based on your role in the raid, give us a detailed description of what the listed boss encounters, including your positioning, skill rotations and skill choices, boss abilities and how you would deal with them, and whatever else you think may be of relevance. (E.g. fill out only the role that applies to you - don't fill out the healer section if you're melee DPS).

    All roles to explain the Omnitron Defense System fight, also please describe the fight below based on your preferred raiding spec;

    Melee DPS: Twilight Ascendant Council
    Ranged DPS: Valiona & Theralion
    Tanks: Twilight Ascendant Council
    Healers: Chimaeron

    Additional Questions:
    Expectations: (What do you expect from raiding with us?)
    Tolerance Level: (Are you tolerant of others, are you able to take criticism?)
    Additional Information: (Anything else you would like to inform the officer team of?)
    Activity: (How often can you join our raids?)

    Regarding the Encounter and Class Knowledge Section:

    You are not only expected (as the Application Information thread says) to know about general boss strategies for our killed bosses (or bosses we are currently progressing on), but you also need to know your class' mechanics and put them to good use. With the tools available in the forums and kill videos (and whatever else you can think of) you can get an idea about how these fights work. Show us that you've put in the effort to do some research about how to improve how to play your class and how to deal with certain encounters.

    In short: Do some research and FIND OUT what to do.

    Please PM this application to one of the officer team. if you get accepted, you will undergo a 2 week trial. If you fail this trial you will be demoted back to your original rank and you will be unable to apply for another trial or raid with us (in a DKP earning raid) again. If you pass the trial you will be promoted to a raiding rank, and expected to keep up said performance just like any other raider.
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    Remember PM your application. DON'T Post it in here


    • Any member coming back to raiding from a break does NOT have to fill out the form, but they will need to speak to an officer before they start GG'ing for raids.
    • Main switches again do NOT need to fill this out, again, please speak to an officer
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    A Note On Adventurers Applying for a permanent raid spot;

    Adventurers considering a trial to get a promotion to Legionnaire status requires preparation on your side before the application. Any adventurer wanting to apply is expected to do/have the following;

    • SoH shoulder enchant
    • At least Blue quality PVE gems in your gear
    • WotLK PVE enchants on all gear
    • T8+ equivalent or an occasional but obvious hard to upgrade blue
    • Appropriate flasks/elixirs (buff food is provided by the guild bank)
    • PVE Spec
    • To know basic Strategy for all bosses in Ulduar/TotC/ICC
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