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Thread: The oulde country is calling to me

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    Default The oulde country is calling to me

    Somebody bring me up to speed please, what's really happening on Roberts? What I'm seeing and hearing is it could be some sort of happy hunting ground.

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    It is happy hunting grounds and none of these massive port battles either, mostly frigates, 4th and 3rd rates.

    So what is up with you?

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    I had to play WoW for an assignment, that killed my will to live, let alone game. Other than that Mount and Blade has kept me entertained. Awesome game.

    Blame Ardesco for that one.

    Might have a sniff at PotBS at some point. I'm not really feeling it at the mo though, if I get back into PotBS I can see it consuming me again, especially as there are monumental cocksuckers on both servers that need a stomping. Breaking the Frogs on the Tig could be on the cards, the Frogs on Roberts are already dead they just don't know it.

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