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    GuildWars Homepage
    Scroll down. Read parts that intrest you.

    Stream GuildWars Movies and Review TV.

    My intro view:
    I bought this game on impulse two dayes ago and I must say. It realy rocks! It has everything I wanted in a MMORPG and its "free". Aka no monthly fee, but the retail game is full price ofC. The fighting is fast and once the battle is over, you start resiving hp/mp pretty fast, so theres no need to stand/sit still for very long. Idle time isnt what this game is about

    Only note peps realy must take when starting is, its a RPG, the controls are like WoW and, most important, you MUST finish the starting area. Only then will you get a true feeling of the game. Also, the starting area isnt that fun, but the rest is. Do all the startings quest, get a new armor from the collectors and get youre second profession ( you can be one main and one secondary in).

    Necromanser(DeathMage createminion undead from corps, dreainhealth, stealhealth etc),
    Enchanter(ElementMage wind,fire etc),
    Mesmer(PshycoMage Stun,blind,confuse etc)
    Ranger ( Charm pet, bows. The general range unit. aka WoW Hunter )

    You can mix the main and the scondary as you like, eg Warrior/Monk (WoW Pladin) or Warrior/Necromanser (tank/drainer) and so on.

    You will through quest resive spells, skills, exp , level etc that makes you more powerfull, but you can, from hundreds, choose only to use 8 spells at a time. This is realy imporant since it makes PvP more intresting and fair.

    If you dont go through the starting area you probaly, like me, think less of the game. Since I thought it "wasnt all that" until the main story started.

    There is only "1" town server area. In these towns you can swap to any of other town servers, which are simmilar in each town. This is so that you can find youre mate, if hes from europe,usa or even Korea. All servers are "linked". But dont let that confuse you to that there are few or boring towns, since there are many and there all diffrent. These towns work the same way as other MMORPG towns. Its where you meet peeps, traid, buy,upgrade, find squadmates etc.

    However, once you leave the town for the wilderness. You enter "youre own" part of that land. If you have real life players in youre squad, they join you in that same "world". This means no cueing at quest areas, no "someone has killed everything already", no ganking and so on. Just pure PvE questing in simmilar way to WoW PvE.

    Here you have to make sure the other players have the same quests as you. If they dont you all must go and see the NPCs that gives out "that" quest.
    There is no "share quest" like in WoW, as far as I know.

    PvE Main storyline:
    During youre quest you will come to special places where you must coop. You come to a starting area, find some squadmates. Everyone there btw is only there for the same Mission (not quest). Once done you start the mission. This mission is like a WoW instant. You have many goals and in the end you get, gear, exp and a cut scene of the next part of the main story of Guildwars Lore. These missions are as fun as instantes in WoW I would say, but once you have found a "Mission area" you can warp to it from anywhere on the map. Making timewasting walking a thing of the past. Getting a groupe is the same as outside a WoW instant, but you dont need to "share quest" or ask if "that person is doing the quest you are".

    Nothing, its fresh(too me atleast), easy to setup and diffrent to other mmos I have played.

    There are two main types of PvP in GuildWars. Its the "instant action" PvP and Guild PvP.

    Instant Action PvP:
    This is where you go to a battle area. Press M, select Battle area and warp. Or travel to its gate by foot. OfC you must find it first by foot to be able to warp to it later. (BattleArea: Think coloseum/gladiator). Here a NPC auto pick teams (by level etc) and all you do is setup youre 8 skill sett and press ready. Fight starts and there are matches of 3vs3 to 8vs8.
    There is no 1on1 for the simple reason that, eg from WoW, a same level Warrior has a realy hard time vs a same level Paladin. Ergo Warrios usaly dont wanna fight Paladins and vice versa. Aka unfair and boring.
    After each fight the winner stayes on and the losers are kicked back to starting area for a new team and a new battle. You lose nothing in these battle if you lose, or nether gain anything if you win. But its fun and you get real life exp in PvP battle whitout any risk.

    I have only found one battle area so far, but if its the only one, which I think not, it can become a bit reppetiv. Wouldnt mind a actual Coloseum whit croudes and stuff. Also the random team can become anyoing after a while, but thats where Guild PvP takes over.

    GuildWars PvP:
    Only Guilds and there members can take part in this. Its Latter based so winning and losing here counts. Both for youre guild and youre Contenent (aka Europe,USA,Asia)
    In short its team battle PvP in diffrent game models like normal Fps online games (BF2,CallofDuty,BF1942 etc). Winning gains youre guild a higer rank, while losing lowers it. In the place called "Halls of Heros" (not sure if this is the only place Guild PvP takes part or not doh ) the Contenent that has the most current wins, gain acces to special caves quests etc for there continent PvE servers "wilderness areas". In these caves etc again you can find special, or some mite say very special lot, and so on...

    The game modes in Guildwars PvP (Called Tournament Play) are:
    ( note* All modes are played in tourny mode. Meaning they have 5 rounds whit diffrent game type during the current "guildwar". )

    Round 1
    Survival: Youre guild only. survive an onslught of enemies.
    NPC: Ghostly Hero. Keep him alive.
    Lose/win: L:GH dies,party dies. W: GH+party survives the "timer".

    Round 2
    Annihilation: Guild vs Guild.
    NPC: Preist henchman. Supports youre team. If killed gives the other team moral bost in x% over all there stats.
    Lose/Win: Last guild standing wins.

    Round 3
    Capture the Relic: Its capture the flag.
    NPC: Ghostly Hero. Dont know if he dose anything, but if he dies by enemy hand. The enemy will get a x% boost.
    Lose/Win: Score most points to win whitin the games time limit.

    Round 4
    King of the Hill: Hold a hill top for as long as possible.
    NPC: GH. Must be escorted to the Hill and will then to a "clame hill" spell.
    Enemy GH must do the same to counter the "hill hold"
    Lose/Win: You lose ether if youre spwanpoint NPC is killed and all youre teammates are killed or if the enemy team is holding the hill when the time runs out. You win,ofC, by beeing the only guild holding the hill by spell when the time runs out.

    Points for all the rounds are counted and a winner Guild is decleared. Points go to the winning Guild and its Continent(if Hall of Heros is the only Guild PvP area that is ).

    Negativ: Cant say much about this since I havent tried it. From the look doh I think it seems bad that you cant choose what type of game you and youre guild want to play, but there may be a good reason for this...
    One small negativ doh is that you MUST be in a guild to take part in these tourny types games.

    GuildWars tm Controls/Engien/Interface etc:
    -No monthly fee
    -Good controls/options, same as WoW.
    -Slik and easy interface.
    -Nice grafiks and you get good frames on most computers.
    -Low loading time.
    -No CTD so far.
    -Good ping/little lag.
    -Huge game world... cant belive it has no montly fee. Ofcourse you will probaly need the excpansions to be elite in the game, but totaly I think even full retail exp will cost less than youre total spending on a montly fee.
    -Good quest and story missions.
    -Good balanced PvP.
    -Not a grind game. More simmilar to WoW than EQ2, as a eg.
    -Soloplayer can use Henchman NPCs instead of reallife players if they want to, or if reallife player are hard to find.

    -You cant walk of edges. So if theres a smal balcony edge, you have to walk around.
    -You cant jump. So you cant jump over stuff or have quests where jumping is necasary. ( eg traversing a broken bridge or climbing a hunted tower etc )
    -NCP Henchman are good, but theres still a few bugs. Also it would be nice to have a bit more control of them. This since Bow and arrow Pull dosent work when you have a NPC warrior. Reason is he charges forward into the mob gank fest
    -Emotes has to be typed. You dont have macro slotts like in WoW or a popup macro meny as in PS.
    -No adv professions like WoW mining, fishing etc. No player crafting of weapons, except for "skinning/forging". Using a extractor item to change mob armor into usable raw material. Which in turn is giving to a NPC crafter to make armor, for a fee.
    -Controls could have had more/better options. Eg auto attack mob when hit etc.

    Final thought: GuildWars vs WoW
    Well, thats my view of the game so far. If am gonna compare it to WoW. It has a better ingame PvP, I think. Since its more fair and easy accessable, but lacks the PS cont like battle of WoW BattleGrounds, which I kinda hope will be added later in time.
    PvE stuff is more or less kinda simmilar to WoW and it comes down to ones own taste. The detail put into the quests are on the same level I think.

    *If you play WoW for the "warcraft feel", battlegrounds, PvP interquest enemy encounter (wilderness PvP server), Raids or to play whit the Legion. I would recommend you stay in WoW, since GuildWars will probaly not give you "that much more anyway".

    *If you however didnt like the WoW setting/grafiks, its monthly fee, at times unfair ganking PvP setup etc, but like MMORGP and team based RGP PvP. I would say give GuildWars a go. Maby you will like it
    If you didnt, you can alwayes just sell youre game account, since its not linked to any creditcard or realname etc. (Set the right contry doh, since you dont wanna play hige pink for the Koreans, now would you )

    **In GuildWars you can also from the start. Make a Max level 20 avatar ONLY for PvP battles. You cant use that avatar in the wilderness, on Missions or quests, but if youre a kind of "Might and Magic/StreetFighter TagTeamTournament" kinda guy and hate RGP, you mite even be satefyied whit the PvP team combat.
    Currently am not sure if the 20 instant level can be used in Guild PvP... I havent tested it that much yet.

    Overrall GuildWars is a game MMO-PvP gamers should take a look at.

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    who of us is playing this game?
    do we allready have an own guild ?

    think i gonna buy it and take a look at it.
    at least its free and the graphic is a lot better than WoW.

    BF2 + GW = fps + rpg for free

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    I'm reviewing it for work, it's a keeper if you ask me. Much better than WoW in my opinion. I'd say think of it as a very updated Diablo 2.

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    ordered the game yesterday.
    who is playing it so far ?

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