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Thread: ArmA 2 Editor: Spawning more AI to AI leader.

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    Theres so many uses for this I thought it would be interesting for peeps.
    Eg, you could have a whole 10 man squad come out of a house that you cant go into or place units in...

    This is how:
    Spawn one unit:
    Rank: Higher than spawns.
    Unit name: bs
    In init: boss = group this;

    Trigger: (You can also do this in WPs Act.)
    Radio Alpha
    Act: boss createUnit ["USMC_Soldier", position bs, [], 3, "FORM"]; [unit] join boss; unit move position bs; (copy/past to add more)

    A US infantry will spawn 3m from AI leader bs, go to him and join hes group, boss. He will have the special setting of "In formation".
    [type, position, markers, placement, special]

    How to spawn other stuff/dead objects:
    Radio Alpha
    Act: _handle = "Land_Ind_TankBig" createVehicle getPos player;

    This will spawn a big building on the player. The name _handle can be anything. _spade _ thing etc. Its a "value" if you are using it for other stuff I reckon.
    If you have a small object pre placed, eg a can, and named it can1. You can swap player with can1 to place it on can1.

    *You cant see it because of the link. But all type names will have a _ instead of space between the words. Eg,

    *The spawners will remember normal WP functions.
    Eg, WP1 formation line, WP2 spawn 10x inf.
    These spawners will be in line formation. Instead of default wedge.

    *But spawners will NOT "remember" earlier WPs, or leader init group orders.
    Eg, AI leader init: {_x setUnitPos "middle"} forEach units boss;. WP1 spawn 10xInf. When this happens only the leader will be in kneeling pos.
    The rest will have default standing.

    *createVehicle command will only spawn "zombies".
    As in -none- functional troops who do nothing.
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