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Thread: Classic DnD virtual board game.

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    Lightbulb Classic DnD virtual board game.

    A school project called SurfaceScapes. Its a "proof of concept" type thing.
    Kinda interesting. It sees both physical pieces and virtual one. For example physical character models or virtual dices, which are both used in this video.


    I dont really see why you wouldnt start to see stuff similar to this, where board games takes the step into the virtual space, because the age old board game type of playing would sort of be new on the console or PC. We already have Magic (cards) ,Risk and Monopoly on Xbox Live so why not DnD on a virtual board???
    (Note: Not necessarily touch based like in SurfaceScapes.)

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    Every time I see a video of Microsoft surface in use, it shows some more of its potential. Still wondering if it will ever make it out into the real world though.

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