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Thread: DayZ mod.

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    Default DayZ mod.

    Cant believe noone has mentioned this mod before. Best action I have had for years! Am currently playing with a small group of Ginnungans. It takes a lot of focus and teamwork to stay alive. The average lifespan of a player is less than one hour.

    Official mod page:

    The mod is still in Alpha mode so it has some annoying bugs, but it is still a LOT of fun.

    Some Videos:




    If you like Yogscast, this is quite funny:

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    I've played it a bit with my Arma clan. It's fun to farm newbs who think they're about something but who don't know even basic stuff like navigating by the stars or the proper time to spring an ambush. But it's not as good as actually playing Arma as a milsim, so I don't bother.

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