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  • I want to go to the RL Party on the 20th of July 2013.

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  • I want to go to the RL Party on the 27th of July 2013.

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  • I want to go to the RL Party on the 3rd of August 2013.

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  • I'll be there no matter what weekend it is - PARTY!!!

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  • I can't come or I'm too busy with other stuff.

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Thread: 10th anniversary with mandatory attendance at the 7th party!!!

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    Default 10th anniversary with mandatory attendance at the 7th party!!!


    Date is set for 3rd of August.

    Hi guys.

    10th anniversary coming up. So this time I am going to be sorting stuff in extremely good time so I wont get any lame excuses.

    So again it's time to have a party and meet some Renegades.

    Once again there is a vote for different dates and so it is all up to you guys when it is to be held.

    It's going to cost 300,- Danish kroners (approx 40€ - like last year and the year before that), paid in advance. If ppl wants to stay for more days like some did last time it will cost some extra depending on how many days. (This time I am afraid it will actually cost some extra extra. Since last time we almost went a bit to hard on the booze, cider, beers and what not before the party. )

    On top of that I have setup a donate button on my website and all donations will go towards the party. If it is possible to keep track of it I'll also put up a list of ppl that donated (If you don't want your name on it just let me know).

    The agenda for the party is something like:
    "insert copy/paste from last years here"

    Last time we had a "game" witch was quite fun but a bit too long for some ppls attention. Best one in that game was Gunhead... aka Batman. Fucking brilliant!!!!!

    For those that take a plane over and can't bring a tent there is a bit of room in the basement to fight over.

    My house is in Denmark and the closest major city is Odense, in case you wanted to look it up. I know some have to travel a lot but I also think it would be great to meet all you Renegades out there again. Last time was a blast!!!

    This year again I will order a T-Shirt and if anyone wants one as well I'll arrange that like last year. Thing is though that if I do that ppl will have to pay some more money.
    The T-Shirt will have the RL logo and some fancy text on it. Last time I tried getting a T-Shirt in a blue color and that worked so it is possible to get all kinds of colors. This year I'll add some 10th anniversary thing on it somewhere.

    If you know you can’t come or won’t come then please vote on the last option or don't vote at all . That way I also have an indication on how many people I need to make room for.

    With hopes of lots of comments,

    (Yes yes I know... More or less just a copy/paste from last year again... )

    List of ppl:

    List of ppl so far.
    = Paid
    ? = Not certain if they can make it
    = Not attending.

    Ironman + Jane
    ? Taylor + Megapolaris
    Bonaficus - But not coming.
    Helmut + Kirstine
    ? Lynli
    ? Moozipan
    Peete + Christelle
    Saltydog + Presea
    Stokvis + GF
    ? Untergang
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