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    Hey guys this is my application for the Planetside 2 outfit as you already know! haha

    My name is Scott, I'm 21, I'm from Scotland and I live pretty much bang inbetween Edinburgh and Glasgow! I'm an engineer and love fixing stuff even though I've hardly played the class on PS2, I also love all types of music (Just back from Download festival) and the traditional Scottish sport of drinking! I've not been playing PS2 for that long though I did play it very briefly when it first launched though I didn't pick it up seriously as the combat felt really off for some reason. I've started getting really into it now though and I'm looking for people to play with! I've got a lot of experience with games in general here are some of them:

    Div 3 TF2 soldier (Even ran my own team)
    Raided in rank 40 guild in the world on WoW
    Comp Cod4
    Dota 2
    Darkfall Online

    I have no issues with using comms or following orders as I've had plenty of experience!

    Im currently maining light assault most of the time on PS2 though I swap roles depending on what the situation requires though my sniper aim is horrible in PS2 though so don't make me play that! . Im not bothered about k/d's or anything like that it all about playing to win! I've plenty experience from all the other FPS games I've played seriously and alot of the skills transfer across!

    Im currently an officer in another small multigaming clan/group which mains the game Darkfall though I've stopped playing that but continue to play other games within the group, I hope this will not effect my application.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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    Welcome to Renegade Legion

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    Hello and welcome!

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