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Thread: LF a builder/progression game.

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    Question LF a builder/progression game.

    Hey guys.

    I've been thirsting for a game as of recently thats more orientated towards building up a base.

    I think I am looking for something like a simulator but with combat elements mixed with RTS.
    I remember playing that old neverwinter nights shit game, where you had a character that ended up owning a castle where you had to upgrade it.
    Or if you look at assassins creed 3 with the whole homestead rebuilding.

    Now there are tons of these games as facebook games. Evony, forge of empires and such. But They are all exactly the same and you basically pay to play or play it over the span of a year. Not really interested.

    So i guess I am looking for something along like settlers, or having a castle in lineage2.

    Does anyone know of a mmorpg that somewhat contains these elements and actually are a "download and install" game - not some shuddy flash application.

    I've been looking around on etc without much luck. Can anyone recommend anything

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    What i found so far is "The repopulation" which looks like a starwars galaxies copies in a lot of ways. Especially with the entire city building thing. Could be interesting

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    Want build? Kerbal Space Program. I know it's not strictly what you asked for, it's not strictly what anybody asked for, but it's fucking epic.

    Past that I can't really think of anything like that.

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    I'm really not sure what you're after; you say you like the base building in NWN and AC3 (which is pretty non-existant) and compare it to Settlers (which is 99% town building)... There's a pretty wide range in-between...

    I'd say Settlers II (10th Anniversary) is a fantastic game for town/economy building with a simple combat system.

    Tropico 4 is a very good town builder, but the combat system is weaksauce there, best avoided.

    The Total War series are great for empire building & combat.

    If it's more mathematical base building to win levels you're after, the Anno series is a good time-waster.

    If it's pure building you're after, Minecraft or Castle Story (maybe Towns and other games like that).

    Your range is too great for me to truly recommend you a game...

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    Default Re: LF a builder/progression game.

    Thanks for your input anyway

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    Kenshi sounds like what you might be looking for.

    It is still in alpha though so at the moment it's very work-in-progress and rather confusing. Only played it for like three hours so didn't really get the hang of it but looks very interesting and packs a mountain of potential.

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