Plasma Cannon
Dragonborn Plasma Cannon
-Replaces Scattershot Alt Fire with "Dragon's Breath", shooting a burst of fire forward in a cone
-Requires optional component Fire Gland which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons
-Fire Gland quality modifies Dragon's Breath range.

Shielded Crater
-Adds Blast Shield to Crater. Blast Shield spawns centered on the impact site of Crater.
-Requires optional component Drone Module which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
-Drone Module quality modifies Blast Shield health.

Soaring Afterburner
-Adds Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear to Afterburner. Glider wings sprout from the Assault at the end of Afterburner.
-Requires optional component Wings which is dropped by Culex and Wasps.
-Wings quality modifies Quick-Deploying Gliding Gear duration.

Bio Needler
Noxious Needler
-Replaces alt fire with Plague Blaster, which increases the amount of damage enemies take when hit by the alt fire. This effect also spreads to nearby targets.
-Requires optional component Poison Gland which is dropped by Toxic Aranhas + Toxic Varant
-Poison Gland quality modifies the % of increased damage taken.

Poison Trail
Toxic Poison Trail
-Adds Blinding Fumes to Poison Trail, decreasing enemies' accuracy while in Poison Trail.
-Requires optional component Ink Sac which is dropped by Nautilus.
-Ink Sac quality modifies the enemy accuracy reduction.

Ghostly Triage
-Adds a Phase Unit to Triage, which allows the player to be able to pass through enemies/allies causing damage to enemies and healing allies
-Requires optional component Space Manipulator which is dropped by Chosen
-Space Manipulator quality modifies duration.

Barrier HMG
-Adds an Upgraded Forward Shield to the HMG alt fire, creating an improved shield. Full body shield
-Requires optional component Brontodon Ivory which is dropped by Brontodons.
-Brontodon Ivory quality modifies shield health.

Heavy Armor
Spiny Heavy Armor
-Adds a Damage Reflector which harms enemies that hit the Dreadnaught while Heavy Armor is active.
-Requires optional component Shell Fragment, which is dropped by Rageclaws & Terrorclaws as well as the mighty Bane Claw (best quality)
-Shell Fragment quality modifies the percentage of damage returned.

Repulsor Blast
Attracting Repulsor Blast
-Adds a Magnetic Repulsor to Repulsor Blast, drawing enemies in to the Dreadnaught before Repulsor Blast is fired.
-Requires optional Component Space Manipulator, which is dropped by Chosen
-Space Manipulator quality modifies pull-in range.

Sticky Grenade Launcher
Burrowing Sticky Grenade Launcher
-Adds Burrowing Explosives to Sticky Grenade Launcher which applies a Damage over Time effect to the area that they were detonated on.
-Requires optional component Brinewyrm Goo, which is dropped by Brinewyrms.
-Brinewyrm Goo quality modifies the damage of the Damage over Time.

Supply Station
HKM Supply Station
-Adds High Capacity Arcfold Tech to the Supply Station, replacing health pickups with HKM powerups.
-Requires optional Component Hypercapacitor, which is dropped by Chosen
-Hypercapacitor quality modifies amount of HKM charge given.

Heavy Turret
Rocket Turret
-Adds Rocket Turrets to Heavy Turret, changing the projectiles fired to rockets. Rockets fire ontop of the normal firing projectile
-Requires optional component Explosive Device, which is dropped by Tanken
-Explosive Device quality modifies rocket damage.

Sharpeyed R36
-Adds tech to increase the magnification when zooming with the R36.
-Requires optional component Cornea, which is dropped by Wolves/dogs (ice dogs in Antarctica/wargrims)
-Cornea quality modifies magnification.

Advanced Decoy
-Adds AI behavior to Decoy which allows Decoy to move and shoot before it explodes.
-Requires optional component Drone Module, which is dropped by Chosen Drones.
-Drone Module quality modifies AI duration.

Cryo Grenade
Burning Cryo Grenade
-Adds a Frost Burner to Cryo Grenade, which increases Cryo Grenade damage. Applies a DoT that burns the target ontop of slowing them
-Requires optional component Fire Gland, which is dropped by Explosive Aranhas + Ash Dragons
-Fire Gland quality modifies damage.
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