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Thread: Drunken guide on which Wildstar class to pick

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    Default Drunken guide on which Wildstar class to pick
    It's as the title says, just something to share to anyone who wants a chuckle! Feel free to add your own! Also, drink responsibly!

    Warrior - "Shit, just popped my innate!"
    Leap over your target missing completely, spending the next 10 seconds madly rolling and spamming attacks as you try and position yourself on your target only to realize it was a tree all along. Use leap to "escape" once more, jumping off the cliff that you somehow didn't see.

    Stalker - "I bet I can sneak past that..."
    Forget to use stealth as you run towards a relic node and accidentally pull a group of mobs. Run away pulling three other groups, using tactical retreat to survive, and *cupcake* at your former party members who have now voted to kick you from the dungeon for some odd reason.

    Medic - "4 actuators minus 3 equals...more tequila?"
    Enter combat using your basic attack, realize that you can't have more than the max number of resources for this class and try to figure out which ability consumes them. Line up shots to help you keep track of your actuator use and give up after the 3rd fight. Start hitting all your abilities because the colors on the screen look pretty.

    Spellslinger - "I AM A DPS GOD! I can kill anything!"
    Holy crap I do so much damage!!! SPELLSURRRRRRGE!!!! Oh man, I can totally take on those primes! Wait, that guy is pvp flagged! That guy too! Alright, let's do thisohgodIcantmovestunlockingstalkers! Fine, I'll just go back to killing npcDAMNITSTOPATTACKINGMEGUYS!!!

    Engineer - "Where the hell is my bot running off to?!"
    Enter the game and look at your character, holy shit does that armor look good. I mean, just look at the details! And this bot; it's making faces at me! Ok, time to kill stuff...Wow, look at that gun shoot! I look so bad ass! I could do this all nigh...How the hell is it midnight already?! I haven't even completed a single quest yet!

    Esper - "I think I'm finally drunk enough to enjoy espers!"
    Try to cast a spell only to cancel it as you strafe sideways, cursing to yourself as you try it again. Frustrated, you write 'Don't Move!' on a post-it note, stick it to your screen, and continue to fail, dying from a regular mob that stuns you in a telegraph. Declare that you are too drunk to play this class and reroll a new character as one of the above.

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    Default Re: Drunken guide on which Wildstar class to pick

    Esper.... *nods*

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