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Thread: Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

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    Default Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

    Gruul - BL on pull.

    Phase One
    • Raid splits into 2 melee groups.
    • Tank runs to alternating melee groups to share Inferno Strike
    • Spread 8y for Petrifying Slam
    • Frontal Cone

    Phase Two
    • Avoid falling rocks (move to where they just hit)
    • Frontal cone hits in random directions

    Oregorger - BL on pull

    Phase One
    • Mitigation cooldowns rotated on tanks for Acid Torrent
    • Interrupting Blackrock Barrage will extend phase One.

    Phase Two
    • Avoid Oregorger rolling around (move to where he's been)
    • Try not to LoS healers

    Beastlord Darmac - BL after Dreadwing is defeated (final phase)

    Phase One (abilities last rest of fight)
    • Avoid being hit by Pin Down
    • dot spears left by pin down, nuke spears that hit raiders
    • AoE beast adds down

    • Ranged spread for Rend and Tear. Melee run out a bit when it's cast to avoid the debuff when boss returns (lasts rest of fight)
    • Savage Howl is an enrage; hunters, rogues & druids tranquilise highhealth adds/boss

    • Stampede works like Rend and Tear (stay spread)
    • Tantrum requires raid healing/damage reduction rotation (lasts rest of fight)

    • Inferno Breath; cone attack in random direction. (boss gains superheated shrapnel cone attack for rest of fight)
    • Conflagration; dispellable dot+cc

    Last Phase; superheated shrapnel mechanics.
    • Cone leaves voidzones
    • Beast corpses deal aoe damage
    • Spears from Pin Down deal raid damage

    The Blast Furnace - BL Phase Three
    Phase One
    • Split raid, half of room each.
    • When targeted by Bomb, run to the Heat Regulator and use the extra action button (rest of raid DON'T BE NEAR BY)
    • Furnace Engineer also drops bombs when it dies.
    • Priority list:
      1. Foreman Feldspar
        • Interrupt Pyroclasm
        • Casts voidzones
        • Constant melee raid damage
      2. Furnace Engineers
        • Spread 5y to avoid chaining Electrocution
        • Interrupt Repair
      3. Bellows Operator
      4. Security Guards
        • Buffs nearby adds, keep on its own

    Phase Two
    • Kite Slag Elementals over Primal elemenals (need to be killed in proximity)
    • Primal will then be vulnerable: nuke it.
    • Offensive dispel on Primals: Reactive Earth Shield
    • Priest can MC security guard to deal with Slag Ele.
    • interrupts on Fire Callers (Cauterize Wounds) - High priority.

    Phase Three
    • Nuke remaining adds. Ignore Slag ele's as they cant die and will reactivate.
    • Avoid the LARGE POOLS OF FIRE the boss makes.

    Hans'gar and Franzok
    • Run out with Body Slam (stay clear of the tank when the boss jumps back too)
    • Stop casting (or devo) for Disrupting Roar
    • speed boost cd rotation for Searing Plate(moving "voidzones") and Pulverise("rocks fall, everyone dies") - [safety dance?]

    • Tanks need to stay in melee to avoid Stone Breath casts.
    • Avoid damage from the cone attack (random direction) runes and sonic discs.
    • When Rune of Grasping Earth is cast, EVERYONE stand in a rune. One per raider.
    • You'll get grabbed and these fists need to be killed at or near the end of Thundering Blows (to avoid heavy raid damage)
    • Melee move away from boss for Slam (does more damage the closer you are)

    • Nuke Aknor
    • Ranged spread.
    • Avoid frontal cone unless currently tanking (15y~ range)
    • Move away from crap on ground
    • at 25 boss energy; Molten Torrent. Use immunity effect or run into melee (splits high damage within 8y)
    • at 50 energy: Two wolves spawn. Kite the Fixate, tank the the overheated (tank switch when the wolves switch)
      1. Don't be between the wolves (they chained)
      2. Don't stand in fire
      3. Must die within 8sec of each other.
    • 100 energy; large raid wide damage
    • Energy reset: New debuff stacks on tanks & another thing to avoid on the floor (magma monsoon)

    • Don't get run over by a train. VERY IMPORTANT! :3
    • Priority list: (adds must be killed quickly, or more trains roll in and kill us \o/)
      1. Firemenders: INTERRUPT Cauterizing Bolt
      2. Grom'kar Men-at-Arms (stay spread, deals raid damage)
      3. Iron Crack-Shots
      4. Operator Thogar (yup, boss is lowest priority!)
    • Avoid voidzones from Prototype Pulse Grenade
    • Run out of raid with Delayed Siege Bomb
    • 2 teams for the full length trains (spotlights will be down for positioning)

    Iron Maidens - Bloodlust when bosses hit 100 rage.
    Dreadnaught Team:
    • Gar'an
      • send 1 extra DPS
      • Uktar has a cone attack with Grapeshot Blast, everyone put target stay clear
      • Interrupt Battle Medic & Rogg
    • Marak
      • constant movement from Blood Pools
    • Sorka
      • Tank intercept Deadly Throw (targeted player stay still)
      • Adds take prio: cleave shoudl kill Gorak
      • Kite the fixate to keep the add in cleave range
    • Platform
      • "safety dance" from waves of bombs

    Main Platform
    • Stay spread 8y (Blade Dash) may cause heavy melee damage
    • Blood Ritual: Target stay still, Tank intercepts the cast, everyone else stay clear.
    • Run to edge of room with Rapid Fire

    30 Rage
    • Bloodsoaked Heartseeker: targets 3 spread as far as possible (marks on floor?)
    • Convulsive Shadows: DoT, use personals DO NOT DISPEL.
    • Penetrating Shot: Shared damage with everyone in the beam ie: target stay still, try to get in get in the beam :P

    100 Rage
    • Marak begins dealing large tank damage: needs externals
    • Sanguine Strikes: raid wide damage mitigated by using damage reduction on the Marak tank
    • Dark Hunt: Sorka jumps to a random target and deals heavy damage. Use personal/call for external
    • Domiator Turret needs to be killed by ranged ASAP, missiles need to be dodged.

    Phase 1
    • Tank boss at edges (near Molten Slag)
    • Tank swap on shattered smash
    • Domolition: avoid falling debris
    • Marked for Death: move behind a slag pile (LoS the boss)

    Phase 2
    • Stay Spread (6y)
    • Slag Bombs can be cleared by kiting the Siegemaker's over them 10y AoE (otherwise avoid)
    • An assigned Melee team must be hit by every Shattered Smash to clear Iron Soldier on the ledge
    • Use Siegemaker adds (cannons) to LoS Marked for Death
    • Kill Siegemakers when they're hit by Marked for Death

    Phase 3
    • Massive Smash may require stacking to share damage.
    • Slag Bombs: now attached to players, run to the edge of the room
    • Marked for Death: Stand clear of the raid
    • More crap to avoid on the floor
    • Overheated deals increasing raid damage

    [more to come folks; including a trash roundup to avoid highmaul craziness]
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    Default Re: Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

    I'll probably attempt to make a guide video for every boss when I can. Did get to record all the normal boss kills so far, but will take some time to edit it all. I know that normal tactics are different to mythic, but I'm just wanting to give any people who'd be new or haven't done the bosses before a quick look...rather than the boss guides that take like 10 minute per boss. <- Gruul

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    Default Re: Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

    Here is a map of Oregorger's room which shows in simple terms which way he will run ... bare in mind each time he hits a pink spot he stops looks around then makes a choice to go one of the two possible ways along the short wall or around a part of the outside square which is 3 corners in one roll.

    As you can see collision points exist on each of the corners of the inner square....therefore the only time he goes along more than 1 wall before stopping is around the outside areas. If you are generally the type of person who gets run over a lot lack speed boosts etc then hang around the centre that way you have plenty of time to see him coming and he will only run along the one wall before stopping.

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    Default Re: Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

    Stop making sense Dig!

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    Default Re: Blackrock Foundry; Boss cliffsnotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post

    Iron Maidens - Bloodlust when bosses hit 100 rage.
    Dreadnaught Team:
    • Gar'an
      • send 1 extra DPS
      • Uktar has a cone attack with Grapeshot Blast, everyone put target stay clear -> smal thing but we only need to kill uktar here the medic does not need to die
      • Interrupt Battle Medic & Rogg

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