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    Hi all

    Wondering if anyone is planning on attending Eurogamer Expo this year? I have booked a 4 day pass for myself and Azarra (Claire) so if your about it would be cool to meet up.

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    Haha what a coincidence i just asked the same thing to Stevie just a hour ago.
    We fixed our tickets for Saterday and Sunday ^^
    Just need to fix a place to crash by then

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    I spoke to my mum last night and she says that if you're willing to pay for food you can stay with us, you'd be sleeping in the loft room but you could then travel to the expo with me and fusion.

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    I can probably head out for a pint when folks aren't in the expo, though the limit of my knowledge of anything on the east side of Birmingham can effectively be described on a map by the words "here be dragons"

    As an aside, because I'm a bastard that cant help myself :3....
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