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Thread: Murek Balance Druid

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    Default Murek Balance Druid

    Character name:

    Desired class/spec:
    My main character is a Druid.
    My desired spec is Balance, which were my off spec at the start of this expansion, Guardian used to be my main spec, which i also enjoy playing.
    If you ever need me to have another off spec, i am willing to change it.

    Role breakdown: (outline your understanding of your class. Display your knowledge, don't parrot a guide)
    For balance druids, our main mechanic is the solar/lunar cycle, the closer you are to a peak the more damage you deal with the associated element.
    When you reach a peak, you should use your dot since they get a damage buff (Moonfire for lunar, Sunfire for solar), always use the filler spell that is associated with the side the bar you are closest to (Wrath/Starfire).
    You also have Starfall and Starsurge, which share cooldown/charges. You want to use Starfall when there are multiple targets, and Starsurge when you are doing single target. Starfall deals damage to all targets affected by dots (even those without when you use the glyph for it). Starsurge increases your damage for your next few Wrath/Starfire depending on which peak you are close to, you want to use this when you are reaching the peak for maximizing damage. If you are at the max stacks, you should still use it even if you are not at the peak.
    For multiple targets a Balance Druids should also apply Moonfire and Sunfire to all targets.
    Every 3 minutes we can use our damage cooldown, you want to use it during a peak or BL for optimal damage.
    During movement, we can either dot everything, or i use a spell to reach the peak.

    Barkskin should be used right before taking a big hit, we have a bunch of cc for adds. We can also heal random members for some of our damage 1/3 of the time.
    We also have stampeding roar, which is really good for phases where the raid have to move a lot. We can Disspell if needed.

    Ranged dps in general:
    As ranged dps, our main goal is to deal damage to the boss and adds that spawns, in the proper order depending on the fight. Know your defensive and offensive cooldown, try to maximize the amount of times, and when you use offensive cooldowns. For defensive cooldown, you mush know which you have, what they do and their cooldowns, that is so you can use them at crucial moments like Gruul's inferno slice or during Flamebender's stack phase.
    And as always, prepot before pull and during BL

    I also know how to play as guardian and feral, i am not so experienced in restoration but i can learn.

    Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)
    I started in wrath, back then i did not raid much, but i did kill the Lich king before cata, not such a big accomplishment due to the buff, but it was my start at raiding. In cataclysm i raided in tier 11 and 12. I stopped around the launch of Dragon soul.

    I made a new account for WoD, since the genius me could not remember my account information. In BRF i have 8/10HC which i have pugged, both as Guardian and Balance. I am quite tired of pugging groups, and would like to join a guild, with a raiding core of nice people, who i can progress together with.

    Mechanics quiz:
    Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
    Tank: - Oregorger
    For tanking Oregorger, one tank start with the side towards the raid, while the other tank stand between the boss and the ranged group, when the boss casts acid torrent, the tank without aggro must use defensive cooldowns, to minimize raid damage, maybe also a Ironbark or something from the healers. After that he taunts, and the tanks switch place and does the same routine. When he does that rolling thing, we simply destroy crates, and stay out of his path. Right before it ends, i use stampeding roar, so the group can group up faster. As tanks the one closest to the boss will taunt him and place him in a proper position. rinse and repeat until he is dead.

    Healer: - Firebender

    I have not been a healer in BRF.
    But i still understand somewhat what they have to do, as ranged they will have to spread and run toward melee when they get targeted with the timed AOE bomb. During the wolf phase, the tank tanking the wolf will be hit very hard by their breath, and will need a lot of healing. If a wolf fixates you, don't let it touch you. When she reached 100% stack, and the healers will have a rotation of who uses powerful AOE heals (Tranq etc)

    DPS: - Kromog

    As dps, you will have to avoid the frontal cone he uses, as ranged you also have to avoid the hands two hands slamming you after a set duration, just walk forwards to avoid it. Also avoid the small tornadoes. During the grasp phase we will nuke down the hands. As a balance druid this phase is awesome damage-wise due to Starfall dealing massive damage, and Sunfire targeting multiple targets every use, other dps should also use their AOE and defensive cooldowns.

    References: (know any renegades?)
    I am now to this server, transferred from Turalyon, which is a server with very few horde.

    I expect enjoyable raids including wiping on progress bosses, you can expect me to be for almost every raid, since your raid schedule does not interfere with my weekly routine.

    Additional information: (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)
    I am a 19 year old Physics student, moved to Copenhagen this year to enroll in university. So English is not my mother tongue.
    In WoD, i have not been in a proper raiding guild, i wanted to get used to the game again after 2-3 years of not playing it, been playing for 4 months now and feel like it is time to join a raiding guild.

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    Default Re: Murek Balance Druid

    Well, we're happy to take you on and see what you can do.
    You seem to have a solid grasp of the mechanics on the examples here (even of elements of fights you are not responsible for, and you didn't need to fill in ^^) and did it precisely right, giving a brief view of how you play them. That makes you a shoe in for me on its own

    Poke around for an invite, and welcome aboard.
    Please bother me for any assistance you need to make you raid ready.

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    Default Re: Murek Balance Druid

    woop woop an other druid !

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    Default Re: Murek Balance Druid

    Sweet, welcome to the guild

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