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    Default Shobi - Rogue

    Character name : Shobi

    Desired class/spec : Rogue/Combat

    Role breakdown : Highly versatile melee DPS with very good mobility, capable of cheesing a lot of boss mechanics like Gorefiend’s Touch of Doom (being able to cloak the debuff on top of another pool to overlap it essentially creating more safe space for the raid) or the fel/void surge on Xhul’horac (also being able to cloak the debuff, avoiding the damage and clearing dangerous zones in the process). Those are but a few, could go on, but I don’t think mentioning every single mechanic the rogue can cheese/safely counter is the way to go. As combat I have very strong AoE damage and as i continue to raid/progress and acquire appropriate loot i will be switching between combat and assassination as the latter has stronger single target DPS.

    TL;DR me sneaky stabby stab, proud owner of “oh s***” button, have long legs, love seeing my name in meters!

    Raiding experience : I began raiding at the beginning of TBC, when attunements were a thing, downed every single boss in their appropriate patches. Slacked at the beginning of WotlK up until Ulduar and then proceeded to down everything that came after. I played very little during Cataclysm and Pandaria due to some irl issues, still got to experience some raiding. Now, in Warlords, I managed to get the Blackhand heroic and Archimonde normal achievements.

    Mechanics quiz:

    • DPS: - Hellfire High Council

    On this fight in particular I would focus Gurtogg (secretly hoping I get Fel Rage) while passively cleaving the blademaster. I would make sure I drop Dia’s mark when she casts Reap (if I have the debuff) and I would position my camera so that I could see and safely avoid the wailing horrors. That’s about it for this particular encounter.

    References : Unfortunately I do not know any Renegades yet.

    Expectations : I expect a relaxed but mature raiding experience, with occasional laughs during progression. I’m not the guild hopping type as I like to get to know and bond with my fellow guildies/raiders. I much prefer to be a part of a small but tight group than switching to another guild every time the wind blows.

    Additional information : My name is Razvan, i live in Romania and i’m 26 years old. I enjoy fishing, drinking and having barbecues with my mates. Also a huge FC Barcelona fan. I loathe minimum wage, working nights and falling down the stairs. Most notable guilds I’ve been in were Exposure (TBC), Wipe faster (WotLK, rank 3 guild on Emeriss), Clan jade falcon (small group of irl friends whom i raided with in late WotLK and early Cataclysm) and For Hire, the guild i’m currently (dying of boredom) in.
    I hope to see you in game very soon, along with my other applicants in arms.

    With respect, Shobi
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    Default Re: Shobi - Rogue

    You Seem like a bunch of decent guys.
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    Default Re: Shobi - Rogue

    Sorry just gonna post the same on all of you applications as you're a group and I'm lazy

    All the apps look good, and you're all welcome to come and trial with us. Hope you all can make it to Heroic farm tomorrow(Wednesday), first pull at 20:00 realm time, invites go out around 19:45. Please make sure you all have the Iskar Assist and Ask Mr Robot addons as they are required for our raids

    Poke around for any guild member online and they'll get an officer to invite you and look forward to seeing you in game

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    Default Re: Shobi - Rogue

    Just so the new DPS will love us more, we kill gurtogg second so........ more felrages!
    (might need to change when we get to mythic, but lets not count are chickens before we even have any eggs)
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