Yo guys, prehaps some of u remember me as a young teen with a big mouth .

But i have matured a bit ;P .
And i restarted playing potbs due tons of rain in my first week of vacation.

But there's none of u guys anymore .

So hopefully some of u wanne give it a try to play again .

Potbs got taken over by another company and the eco got revamped . and there are tons of new features (like skirmishes etc... etc...)
U can also buy burning sea notes . u can buy 23 for 50 $ and they sell 2.8 mil each.
So u can get 3 pvp fitted ships with consumables and general upgrades for like 10$ . less Q_Q more Pew_Pew stokes would say .

The population is kinda ok , but could always use a boost. I'l post some OS screenshots when i'm back at home . ( multiple nation have 6 man team in 1 pvp zone .) ( altho thats a rare SS)

Anyways if u guys got any questions hit me up , if any of u guys wanne restart let me know for sure !

Zion / Monkey luffy