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    Character name:Tauriel

    Desired class/spec:Blood Elf/Hunter

    Role breakdown: High burst,easy to kite and switch to high priority targets for fast nuke

    Raiding experience: 13/13 hc HFC atm fully BiS heroic geared,didnt really raid in MoP,was more PvP focused,8/8 hc dragonsoul at the time (First spine kill with my guild)Im the hunter (deadshots) in the video,before i did a race change

    Mechanics quiz:
    Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
    You only need to fill in the roll you want to play.
    • DPS: - Hellfire High Council
    • cleave gurtog and blademaster,hug a wall with reap,avoid shadows on wailling horror,bl when gurtog is at 30% to finish him off,kill blademaster next,after he is dead finish off dia

    References: Windytornado

    Expectations: Mythic progress

    Additional information:
    Current guild: Power rangers
    Reason for leaving:Would like to progress on mythic hfc and i believe my guild wont be doing mythic runs for a while
    Previous guilds:The Dedicated Few(Sylvanas),Raging Nemesis(Sylvanas),probably a few more guild that i cannot remember at the moment
    I've been playing wow on and off since the end of vanila.
    Feel free to ask me anything ingame since im not really good with applications :P

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    Perfectly concise and reasonable application.
    This is precisely what we ask for: not an essay, just answering basic questions any raider should know :P
    There's no need to give us documentary evidence (the video you linked caused it to require a moderator to allow it)

    Anyone browsing the forum wanting to make an application should look at this one as a good example ^^
    ** World of Warcraft **
    Lyoth - Slacking Ranger

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    I believe Windys application was much better, but thats just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windytornado View Post
    I believe Windys application was much better, but thats just my opinion
    I completely agree

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    Default Re: Tauriel-Hunter

    I think you may have gone slightly past concise Windy

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