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    Hi guys and thx for the invite to the guild !
    im just going to make this a short presentation on me and why i joined you guys.
    I joined to be a raider not to be social and screaming after loot and raids "Grrrrr" i want to cuntribute to proggress. I got a lot of patience tbh i miss the old lvl 70 raiding of whiping 3 week on a boss then finaly geting it down!
    Im 33y old i have played wow since 2006 and i have played in RL before about 6-7 years ago. i became a dad in 2007 so i quited wow for a while but now my daugther is a bit older i can play a litle bit more.
    I know one toon in your guild and its Thizzy. And i hope i can get to know u guys aswell ! se you ingame

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    Welcome bud!
    Things should liven up a bit in the new year when we return to mythic. The early fights are no harder than Heroic Archimonde though, so don't be too worried :P

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