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    If you have a PS2 account, register at the following link and get some freebies.
    A 1 day 50% XP boost.
    An exclusive knife.
    A helmet.
    A decal.
    A title.
    And I think a banner.

    Even if you're not active, get logged on and redeem the code, the XP boost is there forever (or until you use it) and you get one on every character you have, so worth a few minutes of anyones time.

    You have to register with a valid email address, unless I did it wrong, you don't give a password when you register, you have to register then click the 'get password' or 'reset password' or something similar and you get a link sent to you to create the password. Once done, you click the 'Get free stuff' or similar link when you're properly logged in to the site and you get the freebie code.

    Here's the link.


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    Is this some sort of evil trick to give you good reviews for plumming jobs?

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