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    Thumbs up WARCRAFT

    So went to see Warcraft last night with Azarra (Clare), and we both enjoyed it. Its based on the backstory from the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans 1994 RTS.

    I'd been a bit worried because the critics have absolutely mauled it, but its definitely a 'for the fans' movie and I don't think its necessarily a bad thing.

    So what did you think?
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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    yeah seems to quite a big divide looked at rotten tomatoes and its got a 27% review but 83% audience so seems they may be off on this one

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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    I have seen it yesterday and it was good, i think that most of those bad rewiews wrote nerds that can't stand details that are different from books, in my opinion some things had to be different because people that don't know anything about story in warcraft won't understand some things, otherwise if they explained everything it woul be like 8 hours long
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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    IMO, if they followed the books too much they film would be awful.
    As much as I love Warcraft and there are great elements in the books I've read, I wouldn't exactly call them high quality. ESPECIALLY the early ones.
    They read like fanfics littered with unnecessary references.

    Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll definitely be giving it a fair shot.
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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    Saw it IMAX 3D and I masturbated right there.
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    I'm happy they didn't go full on "Let's copy everything exactly like the original story", because...what would the point be?
    Also its just the critics who're mad as fuck at the movie It's a movie for fans, by fans.
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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    They done good. I have a few minor complaints about the cgi, nothing lore-wise, a few changes does no harm, but overall thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    warcraft is a good movie dude, i wish there was less orcs, but ok

    also its my birtday today, raise a glass in my honor(even ludi)
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    Default Re: WARCRAFT

    Belated HB Mario <3

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