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Thread: CS:GO Skin Gambling Drama

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    Default CS:GO Skin Gambling Drama

    My 2p: ProSyndicate and TmarTn should be prosecuted.
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    Default Re: CS:GO Skin Gambling Drama

    Pretty much.
    People let a little success go to their heads and likely believes their own hype.
    Maybe they didn't realise JUST how shady what they were doing was (though that's doubtful given the lies they've been caught in) but it really is serious.
    Encouraging kids to gamble is a special kind of evil ><

    It's definitely unfair to blame Valve though. They offer services, but they cant police everything.
    The US perception of gambling is a bit retarded though (same with alcohol... and so much else :P) I used to play slot machines as a kid on holiday, it's not a big deal...
    Valve may not be saints and certainly do plenty of annoying and anti consumer crap (the bloatware alone ><) but too many seem to want to tear them down the instant they stray from perfect.
    The fact that games on Steam provide tradeable items that people will put up as collatoral for gambling to win OTHER ingame items is... irrelevant? It's like attacking garden centres because fertilizer can be used to make bombs.
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