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Thread: Legion Raid Roster

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    Default Re: Legion Raid Roster

    I wish to raid: part time, probably only able to hit 2 raids a week (might hit 3), I can fill up where needed
    I would prefer to play: Warlock (any spec that is best suited)
    I can offspec as: Resto dodo (gonna lvl and gear that pretty quickly when I got some spare time)

    Don't mind to pass spots for core raiders. I will be there if you need any help filling up spots.

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    Default Re: Legion Raid Roster

    I might switch mains for the first time ever. I am leveling an elemental shaman at the moment and I am really enjoying it
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    Default Re: Legion Raid Roster

    I'm planning on playing a bit again. Will be in London this week so I won't be able to play until next weekend.

    ive not decided on class. I've mained Shaman since the PVE guild collapsed on Silvermoon back in vanilla, so it's probably time to do something different. Open to suggestions based on need?

    Schedule wise, I can't do Thursday's and I tend to get home around 7pm UK time so might miss the first few minutes of the raid. I may have gigs from time to time as well. So 2 nights per week is probably my maximum.
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    Default Re: Legion Raid Roster

    I wish to raid: full time
    I would prefer to play: Not 100% sure yet. But i do wanne raid full time.

    Edit: Not sure as to what i'll be playing. I'm enjoying my feral druid allot though. So i'll be lvling that one next.
    Don't think ill be going for my mage. Think i'll get bored of it quite quickly. Atm its feral > pala/mage
    I'll update this post once i've made up my mind.
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