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Thread: Application - 2016/08/26

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    Default Application - 2016/08/26

    Good Day to You esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of Renegade Legion,

    Character name:
    Quite frankly I am still a bit on the fence as to what I should main for Legion. In previous expansions I have played pretty much every role spread out over 3 classes.
    The characthers I would be most interested in playing would be either one of the below:
    Dhahlia - Monk, so far Brewmaster, but with the legion changes, I feel Windwalker would be a better choice . I have most of my raiding recent experience on this one. (MoP, WoD)
    Sámibácsi - Shaman, Have raided fairly seriously as both Restoration and Elemental, but as far as I can gather Elemental will not exactly have a top spot on the damage meters, but got to admit, Doomhammer is tempting me to go Enchancement. Most overall raid experience (BC, WotLK, early Cata)
    Mightylight - I have to admit, the last time I used this miserable excuse of a Paladin in serious environment was in Wrath to help a few friends in their ICC adventures as a Tank, mostly LFR since. Would prefer playing Holy. Please forgive the name ... I know it's silly. (WotLK)
    Imperitum - The char I'm least experienced on in structured raid environment is my Priest. I personally enjoy Shadow and Disc, but early on Holy will most likely pull ahead of Disc.

    Desired class/spec:
    Please see above.

    Role breakdown: (outline your understanding of your class. Display your knowledge, don't parrot a guide)
    Let's be honest, unless you have access Beta, the current expertise of any class would be missing some abilities from the Artifact, as such I may be wrong on some counts.

    Monk : Brewmaster
    - I saw the shoot on sight stuff on the forum, but it's mostly have as high an uptime on Ironskin Brew as possible, and purify when needed. With the artifact traits being what they are, not much changes in my opinion.
    Monk : Windwalker - To be completely honest I have not heard whether or not they have fixed Storm, Earth, and Fire as such I would be using Serenity and Hit Combo on single target. The rotation is pretty simple, as it's mostly just don't use the same two abilities in a row and for AoE, tag as many mobs as you can and spin away.
    Shaman : Restoration - The biggest thing that shamans bring is the 10% additional HP, though the Ankh totem may be useful in certain scenarios as well. As for what to do, keep Healing Rain under as many people as you can, Chain Heal, spot heal when needed and keep the 10% HP buff on the tanks.
    Shaman : Elemental - While people may disagree, I feel like this spec changed the least over the years. I mean yes, they added Maelstorm as a resource, but honestly it just feels like a less random Lightning Shield. Keep Flame Shock up, Lava Burst when possible, Earth Shock over 92 Maelstorm (yes, I took this from a guide, bite me) and zap-zap.
    Paladin : Holy - I'll be honest with you, this is the spec I know the least of in terms of Legion changes. But what I saw is that even with the removal of Holy Power, I don't feel that the base playstyle has changed much. Keep Beacon on the tank and heal people. I feel that cooldown usage is the most important thing here.
    Priest : Holy - Keep Prayer of Mending on CD, Renew the tank, Holy Word when required, Heal or Flash Heal when required.

    Raiding experience: (what have you accomplished? What has it taught you?)
    Burning Crusade - We got up to Mother Sharaz, but the guild could not fund the shadow resistance gear and since we were a somewhat casual guild at the time, with Wrath releasing in a month, we did not bother. We got up to Archimonde shortly after, but never killed him.
    Wrath of the Lich King - The only things I did not do were HC 25 Man Lich King, Tribute to Instanity in 25 Man, Alone in the Darkness in either 10 or 25 man and the Immortal achievement.
    Cataclysm - Downed 2 bosses in Bastion of Twilight on HC, then the guild started drifting apart, and I ventured into other MMORPGs for a while.
    Mists of Pandaria - 3 bosses in Mythic SoO, have returned only for the last tier as I did enjoy raiding in other games.
    Warlords of Draenor - If you have read this wall of text so far, this will be the point where you definietly hit the DECLINED button. I ran HC HFC once, we failed to kill Zakuun, and joined maybe two Manno+Archi runs.

    What I learned is that taking the game too seriously is not good, it robs you of enjoyment and makes it a second job to come home for. People who are having fun with the game can perform just as well.

    Mechanics quiz:
    Please give a brief description of how you would play in the following encounters (don't post an encounter guide)
    You only need to fill in the roll you want to play.

    • Healer: - Iskar - Pass the Eye if received during Phantasmal Winds. Dispel Fel Bomb if designated, then pass the Eye.
    • DPS: - Hellfire High Council - Place the aoe from Reap outside of the group, use defensives if targeted by Fel Rage, move away from Leap

    (know any renegades?)
    I know Merlindy is now a casual player, but I did raid with him in Fractured on my Shaman (sorry mate, I was young and foolish).


    I expect you to decline my application. If you were to accept my application, you can expect me showing up for raids and trying not to fail. I don't have any special expectations, I do expect structured raids in a decent enough environment seeing as you are still a functional guild.

    Additional information:
    (Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)
    The last time I broke the ice I fell into a lake. Anyhow, there is not much worth saying about myself, I'm your average nine-to-five office worker who enjoys WoW. My previous guilds are not that exciting, I was in Fractured for a large part of the Ulduar Hard Modes and the Trial of the Crusader progress. Then I swapped to Infection because I started enjoying the guild less and less, and needed a change of pace.

    Thank you for reading through my application, and apologies for making you spend time on it. You can go ahead and decline as I have no recent raid experience and my class knowledge is dodgy as well.

    Have a nice one
    Kind Regards,

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    Default Re: Application - 2016/08/26

    Hmm, you certainly took the old template to heart ^^
    I still think people are too literal and don't think of WHY we ask the questons we ask :P
    For raid experience "I killed X, Y and Z" is not very helpful. A blind retard with learning difficulties can link me achievements for "killing" bosses these days
    I'm glad you went into a bit of detail in BT and admitted your slack for the last years, that's more what I'm after ^^

    As for class breakdown's, it's more so a veteran can point out when somebody says something retarded (or copy/pastes)
    Great applicants can show off a bit with some special knowledge, but that's not important :P

    With that preample: Atm, I'd warn you from applying for a tank position unless you're a dedicated tanking player, and we already have enough options available making competition tough for it.
    We already have 2 healing priests too, so a third is not ideal.
    Any dps that might appeal to you would be better, and I'd prefer ranged. We don't have any WW monks yet though, so if that's your favourite, go for it.
    As a rule I like people to play what they enjoy (so they stick around, hopefully) and we work from there.

    I'm more than happy to invite you to try out for a raid spot.
    We need to rebuild our strength after the last months of WOD saw us on break, unable to make Mythic happen.
    It's a good time to ninja a main raid spot by being awesome :P
    I don't sweat people being super experienced, geared or competitive. I like reliable and dependable. If you can manage that, I hope we can build towards competence or even excellence on the way ^^
    Worst case, you don't make the cut while we're still in Heroic and the guild (and you) lose nothing for the attempt.

    Poke around for an invite, and do take a look at the raid roster (there's a more up to date version in the guild hall, if you sign up for that in your profile.
    Oh, and Nick has never been more than a casual slacker in all my time in the Legion :P

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    Default Re: Application - 2016/08/26

    Quote Originally Posted by Dhahlia View Post
    (sorry mate, you are young and foolish).
    That's how we all know Nick

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