Stevie has been hard at work (ha) designing a loot distribution method for us.
For now, we'll keep it inhouse for the officers but I thought I'd given a brief explanation of how it will work for a LITTLE bit of transparency.

First of all: Don't worry.
We'll likely be starting out with personal loot switched on, hoping that it works out well and folks will trade sidegrades around to boost our average ilvl :P
A raid or two should have people up in arms if not enough useful loot is dropping ^^

We will however be tracking attendance and performance so that when we get to Mythic we have some idea of who the core of the raid are going to be.

When we finally hit Master Loot, it will function much like the loot council system, but there's a simple calculation made based on your recent performance and attendance against the level of upgrade.
If you keep your attendance up and limit your screw ups you will be more likely to win contested loot unless it is a significantly better upgrade for somebody else.
I'm hoping this will reward the core with the cutting edge gear, while not punishing people that fall behind.
Hopefully those that cant be dedicated enough for first dibbs on loot (or that aren't pulling their weight) will benefit from a core raid pushing the pace to get us more loot to pass around anyway :P

Please feel free to hit me up with any questions, and DO continue to pester me about your raiding intentions in Legion, especially AFTER you've made up your damn mind. I found out Krbly is a Monk now and Mealare settled on the DH after seeing them levelling. Super helpful, right? )