Character name: Maxinn, aka Maxi

Desired class/spec: Troll balance druid, current ilvl 847, artifact lvl 19

Role breakdown:
Ranged spellcaster, high single target burst, massive sustained AoE, kiting god.
I am not quite sure what to write here, so pardon the ramble of stuff.
My knowledge of the spec comes from raiding throughout every cata raid, sans dragon soul, and every WoD raid, sans Hellfire citadel, my guild apparently have a tendency to stop raiding before the last raid is released (content drought ftw), and of course I have re-learned the spec after the rework Legion brought us and my knowledge so far is from mythics.

I'd say it is a pretty basic spec, but perhaps hard to master, with dots to keep track of, astral power to keep uncapped, empowerments to keep uncapped, and a strict-ish checklist to go through at every turn to make sure every bit of laser this beast puts out is as charged as can be.

Raiding experience:
My experience starts back in Wrath of the lich king, where I mained a dwarf survival hunter throughout Naxxramas till 12/14 Ulduar, where my guild disbanded and I quit for a long while.
During my year at that guild I learned most of what is needed of a raider;
Reliability, coming prepared and on time, catching up on the latest and greatest strategies of new encounters, and if unavailable being sure to let it be known in time,
knowing my class and my spec to properly utilize all of my tools and bring said tools to every encounter, which is what you can expect from me, albeit not as available as a teenager on summer vacation as back then.
During Ulduar's release I'd raid almost every single day, 4+ hours, never missing a single raid and, as far as I can recall, never once being yelled at by our leader for fucking up majorly. I like to think of my self as the top hunter players of the realm back then, topping DPS charts over better geared hunters.

Aside from all that, I came back and started a druid instead for Cataclysm where I started out as a Guardian with off-spec balance, but soon switched entirely to boomkin as I, mostly casually, raided through the older raids and as a stand-ind during firelands raids, never as hardcore as back in WotLK.

Mechanics quiz:

  • DPS: - Hellfire High Council

Having quit a months time before HFC due to guild in-activity issues, I'd need to consult a guide myself to answer this and basically just paraphrase that here, which I'll do if you want me to, but for now I'm gonna admit defeat on this quiz.

(know any renegades?)
My buddies Hean and Felviper who lives a short bus ride away, who sadly cannot vouch for my raiding ability, but can attest to the fact that I'm a good guy, I guess

I'd expect nothing more than a guild actively trying to take down new content, with efforts to make sure it doesn't come to a standstill in infinite an infinite "recruiting" loop.

Additional information:
(Personal bio, previous guilds, why you want to apply. No need to put anything in particular here, think of it as breaking the ice)

I'm a 23 year old dude living in good old quiet Denmark, friendly, easy going, and chill, you can call me Nicolai, Maxinn, or just Maxi for short.

My first real raiding guild was known as Harsh Generation on Kilrogg-EU Alliance side(don't hate, all my friends played Alliance back then)
With whom I raided 3-4 nights a week, much to the dismay of my mother, and even more than that during Ulduars release. A proper hardcore guild if I do say so myself, brought to knees when several main raiders split off, the leader went mad, and everyone just kinda left looking for greener pastures, and finding that nobody wanted us because we were apparently in a "drama guild". I was 15 back then, all I cared about was living to top the dps meters so I could boast about it, and boy was I good at it. I quit shortly after and returned midway through cataclysm.
In cataclysm i randomly encountered an old guildie from said guild, who got me in as a casual raider for his guild, no clue who they were to be honest with ya. I'd join a raid whenever there was a spot available or pug for the most part.

And I want to apply because I miss the amazing feeling of progress raiding that Ulduar gave me, and because I missed someone to play with, hence why I switched over to my friends server and started all over on horde.