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Thread: Long absence

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    Default Long absence

    Hello friends,

    Diaspora here, long time no see. I know I have been away for 50 years.

    Back In February I took leave from the Guild to go do research abroad for a few months. I was supposed to be back by May, but life happened, and more things got complicated and I have been hopping countries for a while now. I know I should have at least let you know, but in the heat of things sometimes you don't think about this stuff. So, I'm sorry I haven't kept you all in the loop.

    I still can't play WoW -which is killing me cos I wanna play Legion- but I thought at least I should let you know my status, instead of just disappearing on you out of the blue for good. I hope to be able to resub at some point in the near future, but I honestly have no idea where I'll be by then.

    Hope you're all doing fantastically. Especially you, Doc and Svante and everyone really. I miss playing with you.


    P.S. Did we ever get to Archi Mythic? Left after we downed Gorefiend and Iskar.

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    Default Re: Long absence

    Sadly we lost too many people, ended up with a 3-4 month hiatus before Legion.
    A good many people disappointed me :P
    (you at least had an excuse ^^)

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