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    Default Emerald Nightmare cliffsnotes.

    These notes contain the absolute basics of each encounter.
    They do NOT cover everything, so I do NOT want to hear shocked complaints when something "different" happens. This is JUST the essentials.
    I'll be going through these before we engage each boss, but consider this a cheat sheet as we learn encounters and new people join.

    Nyth Trash - Gelatinized Decay
    • Run out with Unstable Decay for dispels
    • Interrupt rotation for Wave of Decay (do not over pull, pulsing aoe)


    Nythendra (single target, moderate movement)

    Bloodlust on pull.
    Wakeful phase
    • Spread loosely within the healing rain (etc)
    • Run to a wall with the Rot debuff to drop Infested Ground (a mark will be called, use that section of the wall)
    • Tanks - Run out with Volatile Rot. Massive raid damage on expiration. (location marked)
    • Do not stand in Infested Breath. Healer cd's for every second breath. Remain on the "active" side of the room if possible.

    Sleeping phase
    • Dodge Infested Ground (alternating sides of the boss room will trivialise this, follow marks)
    • Move away from growing insects

    • Failing on mechanics gives a stacking debuff.
      It will be removed at the END of every Sleeping phase.


    Mulgore Trash
    • Screeching Spiderlings top prio, snare not dispellable(?) & summons adds.
    • Spiderlings leave venomous pools on death
    • Stacking tank debuff (dripping fangs)
    • Stuns/other CC useful (don't spam)
    • Minibosses
      • Nightmother
        • Created Venomous Pools on players
        • Leaps away for Wretched Ambush, heavy damage refused by distance
      • Shadowfeather
        • Raking Talons for heavy damage on tanks, taunt swap during or use cds
        • Gathering Winds pushes & damages the raid, run against it.


    Elerethe (heavy movement & awareness)

    Bloodlust on pull
    All phases:
    • Avoid egg sacs. Heal ppl that fuck up. Tank & kill these spiderlings, they don't drop pools.
    • Touching the webs spawns venomous spiderlings. Tank debuffs & pools.

    Spider form
    • Stand close to your linked partner (Web of Pain)
    • Run from the raid with Necrotic Venom debuff After 7 secs you will drop pools & pulse aoe. Use defensives/call for externals
    • Vile Ambush (see miniboss above) also spawns some Venomous Spiderlings

    Roc form
    • Run over pools with Twisting Shadows debuff for the first 10s. When it fades you drop a tornado that stuns & damages players, so drop that safely!
    • Gathering Clouds pushes the raid, hopefully we can stack against a wall :P
    • After this boss flies to another platform, dealing Dark Storm damage elsewhere
    • Assigned players must run over Shimmering Feathers dropped by the boss to jump to her new platform. 1 tank, 1 healer & some dps
      • Gain an extra action button to slam into the ground, instantly killing spiderlings
    • rest of the raid must cross using the webs, tank picks up spiders and take them away from the raid on the new platform
      KEEP THE CROSSING SLOW AND STEADY, do NOT nuke the spiders!
    • Raking Talons on tanks (tauntswap to split damage)
    • Razor Wing is a frontal cone on the current tank (don't stand infront dummy)


    Ungoro Trash
    • Tainted Bloodpetals channel heals adds & damages raid. Shielded casts, but cc/stuns work
    • Tank the tentacles to avoid spew (melee stick together on one target for heals)
    • Bo'Lan the Marked
      • Crush Armour - Tank swap
      • Run out 20y to avoid undispelable fear from Intimidating Road


    Il'gynoth (Heavy movement & awareness)

    BL when we reach the heart (phase two)
    Phase One
    • Killing adds spawns Nightmare Ichor
      • Tank Dominator (melee split between these, dodge ground slam) & Nightmare Horror (tank swap on stacks, move from pools)
      • Interrupt Deathglare Tentacles, run out if targeted by Spew Corruption
    • Ichor fixates players. Kite it to the Eye of Il'gynoth (boss) & kill it
    • Kill off adds before entering the heart chamber

    Phase Two
    • Leave before the cast is finished (instant death)
    • Run out 11y+ with Cursed Blood BEFORE it expires, deals heavy aoe damage


    Grizzly Hills Trash
    • Run out with Dread Charge (knocks back target & anyone in the effect)
    • Trappers Cleave, stand behind.
    • Shaman's are top prio, interrupr Dread Wrath Volley KILL CORRUPTED TOTEM
    • Can avoid some feelers, otherwise need to be tanked
    • Stack on Garroc to avoid Shadow Volley damage
    • Guardian Rurson
      • Run out for Erupting Terror (10y) to avoid damage
      • Run out of Dark Lightning (heavy damage ground aoe)
      • Kill the Trapper first here


    Ursoc (heavy damage, some movement, soft enrage dps race)

    BL at 30% when he gains Blood Frenzy
    • Run to mark if you get Focused Gaze (reduces damage)
    • Players will be assigned to soaking teams, alternating, stand between the boss and the Focused player.
      DO NOT soak if you have the Momentum Debuff.
    • Otherwise stay within 25y of the boss to soak Roaring Cacophony (you MAY run out if you're VERY low)
    • Heavy damage on tanks, taunt swaps, back to wall.

    • Roar creates large voidzones, boss repositioned clockwise around the "focused gaze" mark.


    Emerald Dreamway Trash
    • Top Prio: Swarming Dread debuffs players (-50% damage dealt)
    • Interrupt Raining Filth cast by Defiled Keepers
    • Rothos has abilities according to which dragons are active in the boss encounter per lockout.
      • If Emeriss is active - Move away from the eaid with Volatile Infection.
      • If Lethon is active avoid the "shadow crash" effect
      • If Taerar is active avoid fog patches, dispel the sleep if ppl fuck up.


    Dragons of Nightmare ("complicated" - ie, ppl will moan about how hard it is until we kill it, then moan about how easy it is when other ppl are learning)

    BL on pull
    • Raid splits in two assigned to half of the room each.
    • STAY ON YOUR ASSIGNED SIDE. Check your debuffs, do NOT reach 10!
    • Dragons tanked 45y+ apart (2 active, one inactive, flying above)
    • "tank swap" when a dragon flies away (and/or 7-8 stacks) This happens at 70% and 40%
    • Avoid breath attacks

    Ysondre (always present, always grounded)
    • Avoid Nightmare Blast (shadow crash?)
    • Stand in the Nightmare Bloom (big red spotlight) it leaves behind to prevent adds. Use defensives/externals if necessary.
    • Kill any adds spawned this way
      (Heroic Only: Melee stay away, reduced damage of players in melee 50%)
    • Defiled Druid Spirit will root all players within 10y then heal heavy damage after a long cast. Dispel rooted players! Do not stand in the AOE!

    • Interrupt & kill Essence of Corruption adds ASAP
    • Run out of raid with Volatile Infection

    • Move away from Gloom (shadow crash?) 10y heavy aoe.
    • Summons Spirit Shades on Ysondre's side of the room, kill ASAP (can be stunned, slowed, rooted etc)
      DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SIDE, don't take the opposing dragon's debuff
    • Lethon side should watch for Shades and nuke them ASAP.

    • Seeping Fog will float around his area, do not stand in it
    • Dispel sleep from the idiots if Defiled Druids are not soon
    • Shades of Taerar must be tanked & killed ASAP

    Heroic Only
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3


    Moonglade Trash.
    • Interrupt Shadow Bolt Volley from Dreadsoul Defilers
    • Hug Haunting Nightmares to split the damage


    Cenarius (movement fight, adds > boss!)

    Mark corners for easier calls
    Save BL for Phase Two
    • Tank Cenarius away from adds to avoid dps cleaving onto his thorns.
    • Creeping Nightmares deals raid damage & stacks to increase its own damage. Clear between 15-20 stacks.
    • Nightmare Brambles root and deal heavy damage. Targets random player (usually at range) & has no telegraph. Kite it away from raid. Root & DoT can be dispelled.
    • Summons adds with Forces of Nightmare.
      DPS Priority:
      1. Corrupted Wisps (ranged only)
        • Kite & kill
        • Heavy damage on reaching target
        • Can be taunted
        • Doesn't telegraph its focus, so spread out :P
      2. Twisted Sister (Must be Tanked)
        • Interrupt Twisted Touch of Life
        • Run out of raid with Scorned Touch, ensure nobody is in its area of effect (8y)
        • Stay spread 4y (javelin attack does light aoe)
      3. Rotten Drake
        • Don't stand in breath
        • Nuke from 50% as it casts Nightmare Buffet
      4. Nightmare Ancient (Must be Tanked)
        • Stack on him to share stomp damage
      5. Cenarius - (Thorns Aura reflects 50% of damage, don't full nuke while it's up)
    • Raid can stand near one set of adds to cleanse them before they spawn
      • Tormented Souls - create cleansed ground to reset stacks of Creeping Nightmare
      • Eggs - shields a tank (high power Guardian Spirit, lasts 30 sec) Possibly taunt wisps?
      • Corrupted Nature - Unbound Touch buff, 4 sec speed/shadow immunity, chains on expiration. Use to clear Bramble
      • Nightmare Sapling - gives mana.

    Phase Two (35%) Bloodlust here!
    • Do not push if adds are up or new adds incoming, kill any that remain.
    • Cenarius no longer casts Thorns, so go to town, but still casts Brambles, so don't fuck that up.
    • Tank Swap on Spear of Nightmares. Use Damage Reduction to limit its effect
    • Move from pools as they form
    • Ranged DPS should free Malfurion when he is entangled


    Rift of Aln Trash
    Group in Moonglade after a wipe here to avoid ninja pulls.
    Five waves. Kill order:
    1. Nightmare Amalgamation
      • Spread out for Hateful Rebuke (7y aoe on all players)
    2. Creature in the Shadows
      • Face away, avoid Crushing Darkness
    3. Shadow Pounder
      • Free casts Nightmare Bolt
    4. Dark Devourer

    All adds can be stunned etc to "interrupt"


    Xavius ... (incoming after Doc sleeps)
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