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Thread: The future of Mythic night raiding.

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    Default The future of Mythic night raiding.

    We currently have a large "raid team"
    I use quotes, because there are a few that seem to prefer casual raids only (this is fine)

    As we have and want to keep more raiders than we have spots in Mythic, I propose running tandem raids.
    This means we raid jointly for a Heroic clear on Wednesday (for the time being, as always all are welcome, but we may need to bench people as the night goes on) but split up when we begin Mythic progress on Thursday/Sunday.

    On these Mythic nights, our casual night heroes can bring us the funk and keep the benched mainraiders from boredom.
    Tenrin has already kindly volunteered to main tank, and is doing a fine job so far on the Saturday raids.
    We do still need a raid leader for these runs. I will be happy to do it when benched (if Mims is joining the main raid team as Prot, this will happen ^^)

    For the time being, I think it sensible to continue normal clears on Thursday and heroic on Sunday, though I'll leave it up to the discretion of whoever ends up running the event for us :P
    Alts will obviously be welcome, but these casual raids are not an opportunity to slack and get boosted. Do be prepared :P (unlike me for anything but tanking :<)
    Please pass along our intentions and hopefully we can see 40+ people raiding on every raid night ^^

    (as always, people wishing to try out main raiding and compete for Mythic spots will be welcome to, you just have to let us know :P)

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    Default Re: The future of Mythic night raiding.

    I'm a casual one, but wouldn't mind jumping in mythic to help out! (read: steal your gear)
    Also up for any raiding whenever I'm online

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    Default Re: The future of Mythic night raiding.

    Sounds like fun

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