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Thread: returning WoWS ts3 member: tanked113

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    Question returning WoWS ts3 member: tanked113

    don't know who to try and message or where to post this so... yeah I know its been years but i can explain. I lost the old password a while ago and am unsure if it would even work if i had it so if someone could let me know what to do and such that would be much appreciated.sincerely felt, tanked113.

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    Default Re: returning WoWS ts3 member: tanked113

    Well, this post made literally no sense :P
    Despite Iron's best efforts, our ts server is hardly Fort Knox. It's posted everywhere in games we play and shared liberally by guildies ^^

    Anyone been here longer than me with a scooby do who this is or what they're talking about?

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    Default Re: returning WoWS ts3 member: tanked113

    I see no record in the members list of any char with a name containing 'tank'. Also I see you are in the US, Colorado you say? We are European mainly, but not exclusively, you sure you've got the correct Guild? Have you logged in with an entirely different name to any used on here?

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    Default Re: returning WoWS ts3 member: tanked113

    'Not an attempt to break through the 11 firewalls covering the RL TS' kind of post. For sure.

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