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    I am going to be transferring to Deception on Sunday. Had a bunch of reasons but decided to do away with them. On a positive note I hate you all and the guild atmosphere was great. Instead I'm going to do a line about each person, some funny, some serious, some truth.

    Alani: Thought he was the worst holy paladin ever, but has improved significantly recently. I wonder if he ever noticed I sometimes sabotaged him when he used Light of the Martyr.
    Takoda: Taught me padding healing meters is not only a possibility, but an imperative. The skill of creating HPS out of thin air.
    Maxin: First impression was annoying and whiny as hell, but later proved invaluable for the comic relief in tense situations. Probably very smart. Statistically, there should be 3. I have my suspicions.
    Mealar/Kalegar/Collin: They will make a class with 9 specs; will still change mains. (I secretly like mealar the most, can't explain why)
    Druks and Espfar: One day will be banned for cheating. Filthy cheaters.
    Doc: Will have fond memories of tanking on the ropes on social runs. (Tanking changed my perspective: everyone else looks like headless chickens running about clueless)
    Shobi: The best tank, of course.
    Madcon: Secretly the best tank.
    Captain Jacky: Paladin tank. (also ret sometimes)
    Mest: "You racists."
    Elvii: We have other locks now you know. I'm doing loot.
    Salty: "
    Oscar: Don't be jealous but I've heard him speak, damn sexy voice too.
    Fallen: The only level head person. Or constantly stoned, can't decide.
    Rhampage: Oh me, you wouldn't want to hear about my ultra-secret theory craft weak aura angry notes spirit bomb that allows us to set up a druid circle-jerk to cast the infinite tsukuyomi.
    Kat: What do you mean? I've never missed a raid in my entire life.
    Maya: Guild Application Resume: Cool facial hair , Rebuilt own house with bare hands ✓, Plays undead female priest ✓, Gym Doc: "You're hired"
    Deadlock: The warlock. "WHICH WARLOCK!"
    Stevie: "You all suck, I have combat addons telling me how much you've sucked. You suck."
    Svante: *has linked [Purple_Purple_Titan_Urple_+Socket_Indestructible]; i am so good at this gaem haha. i'm 12 btw.
    Pindakaas: Generic ret paladin #3.
    Cordial: Extremely dedicated and consistent for someone who treats wow as a second job he hates.
    Fishels: "gg for social raid". On a serious note, really appreciate fishels for making these happen.
    Thaiyas: "Who doesn't use potion of old war on every trash pack, while questing, while hearthing, while fishing?"

    Well, I wish you all good luck.

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    Default Re: Guild Transfer

    I am empty

    Good luck mate, see you back in a week or 2 crying for forgiveness.

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    Hahaha that was amazing Good luck mate, on a selfish note I hope it fails miserably and you come back but sure that won't be the case. Glad to see my whoring skills haven't gone unappreciated

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    Hahaha nice!
    Amazing I didn't get a note about getting lost .. multiple times .. every single raid :P

    We will miss you!

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    Have a good one Kessel although I don't get my comment, but then again I suck (as Stevie would say)

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    Good luck to you Kessel, I always loved how you life-gripped me around in order to save me from my own stupidity (needless to say I am way too dumb for that long of a cooldown)

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    hey krbly, i really hope your net gets fixed and you get back playing again. You always amazed me with your dps and awareness. The guild needs your cool sensibility. I will miss you (or poach you, if you make a secret account they will never know ).

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    Sad to see you leave buddy, best of luck and don't be a stranger <3

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    Good ones!
    Thanks for the runs m8 <3

    (Now, how the f*** did you sabotage me???)

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    Default Re: Guild Transfer

    It saddens me to hear you're leaving (probably because it's a wonderful friday afternoon, i finished work for the week and i'm already drunk), i wish you all the best. May your journey take you on wonderful roads with new (old?) friends.

    I hope my suspicion is not "sneaking" when i'm telling you Au revoir! and not Adieu.

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