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Thread: Time Release weak aura

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    Default Time Release weak aura

    So i have sacrificed night for some people that need help not with Time bomb but with Time Release. I have created weak aura that shows every time you have Time Release and it contains text : Keep close to healer, absorb amount and time remaining before it expires and deals damage to whole raid - . Weak aura for healers is a lot more tricky since absorb isnīt in weak auras yet so either you can use some addon for that or , this one shows who has Time release and time remaining.

    And there is how both should look like, the spammy one on the left is for healers and the one above my character is the one for dps.
    I can do modifications for most of this so if you arenīt confident with weak aura just ask.
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Time Release weak aura

    Nice one, cheers for that mate.

    I also found one that does something similar to your first one which I've then tweaked a little, as well as adding in something so I can test to see if people have it installed in case we need to force the issue Will post it up then ppl can go for whichever they prefer although I'll put up a tweaked version of yours with the checker code in too

    Here's the link to mine for the healer debuff. It also has a WA to show the stacks on the boss during the high damage phase and also a warning for the blue swirlies but feel free to disable either of those if you want, just make sure you leave the time release and guild text active

    Here's Enruse's with my additional bit, please use this one

    And here's the link to the Time Bomb one that Kat found which is very effective

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